Berkeley Sanctioned Encampment Rules of Conduct (from Mike Zint)

The occupation rules and government. This is how we succeeded in getting this far. This is how you occupy.

Berkeley Sanctioned Encampment Rules of Conduct
· Every resident must agree to these rules.
· No (street) drugs and/or alcohol (prescription drugs are exempt)
· No rowdy behavior
· 9 PM – 9 AM noise curfew
· All personal gear must be kept in tents, except for bicycles (one bike per person).
· Clean up after yourself
· No outside guests within the perimeter
· Maintain a “Good Neighbor” policy
· Maintain [a spirit of? ] self-sufficiency and mutual aid
· Each new resident is subject to a three day probationary period, followed by an additional two week period.
· Breaking a rule constitutes a strike – three strikes and out (a minimum 30 day suspension or permanent expulsion)
· Internal governance is defined in a separate document (see below) – basically a modified consensus procedure is to be used

Encampment Self-Governance Procedures

Self rule with consensus.

On items for approval, a desired 100% consensus is sought, with a graduated scale.
· 70% minimum is required to approve an item, but it must be revisited monthly to revise and improve consensus percentage.
· At 80% approval, an item gets revisited every two months to revise and improve consensus percentage.
· At 90% approval, an item gets revisited every 6 months to revise and improve consensus.

· If 100% approval is reached, the only way to revisit is with 51% approval to revisit.

If an item goes from above 70% approval to below 70% approval, it is dropped as an item unless resubmitted. [it is no part of the rules or no longer a resolution of the camp?]

To submit, a proposal needs to be made with 10% community backing. To revisit an item earlier than scheduled requires 51% community support.

Items must be revised before being resubmitted.

Changes in the government can be made following these basic rules. Unpopular items can be revisited and lose consensus. As the village evolves, these guidelines will allow for the government and community guidelines to evolve

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