Shower The People With Love (from JP Massar)

FeedThePeople and #TheVillage have received a generous anonymous donation of a bus that has been remodeled with several private hot showers. We will be providing daily hot portable shower service to Oakland’s unhoused residents in less than a month through out The Town!

Just like #FeedThePeople and #TheVillage, this service is fully staffed by volunteers and operated thru the loving kindness and generosity of folks like yourself.

We are raising money to pay for getting the bus painted with our messages (#HomelessnessIsNotACrime #ShowerThePeopleWithLove #HomesForAll #FeedThePeople #TheVIllage), to pay for gasoline to keep the bus moving, to pay for wear and tear maintainance and repairsof both the bus and the showers, to pay for shampoo/conditioner/soap, to pay for cleaning supplies.

Please dig deep and contribute what you can, if you can. And please share this link with your freinds and family. Together, we can provide The Town’s most vulnerable residents hit hardest by gentifcation, the housing crisis and the homeless state of emergency with a respecful and dignified service.
Help spread the word!

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