Prosperity, the movie

If you’re tired of hearing about all that’s wrong with the world and would rather get up and do something about it, then you’re in the right place. Doom and gloom can only go so far before we’re depressed and stunned into inaction…all while the world continues to slide.

What can we do to help offset our impact on the planet and make this place safer and friendlier for our children?

My name is Pedram Shojai. I’m a NYT Best Selling Author (The Urban Monk) and this is my third movie. My first one, “Vitality” was an exploration of why the healthcare system doesn’t work and it was about helping us understand our personal role in getting healthy. I followed that with one called “Origins” which looked at all of the environmental toxins that may be smothering our health. That movie ended on a very positive note and, in looking for actual solutions to the world’s problems, I had to follow the money. That’s how we ended up here.

Let’s take a closer look at our definition of “Prosperity”.

Progress at any cost has cost us plenty.

There’s a concept in economics where things that don’t fall onto your balance sheet are called “externalities”. For instance, a coal company makes a ton of money but the environmental impact: cleanup costs, mercury in the oceans, smog, deforestation, and all the illness that comes from this somehow “isn’t their problem”. Society is left to deal with these externalities. Taxpayers, non-profits, fish, and wildlife all pay for their profits. Uncool.

Prosperity is following a new generation of companies that are doing the right thing and deserve our attention (and money). There’s an emerging movement of “For Benefit” companies that are building into their bylaws the new ethics of conscious companies. In the old days, a CEO could be sued by the board if he/she didn’t maximize profits at any cost. Now, companies can elect to be “For Benefit” and factor in doing the right thing over just profits alone.

This is revolutionary and is changing the game.

Our feature length movie is following the key players in this movement and showing a real positive way out of the mess we’ve inherited and helped co-create. The more we support this blossoming movement, the more money goes to people who care…people who will take a stand for our values and our environment.

We have our cameras on these heroes and are going to break some amazing news in the release of this movie.  From CEOs of major public companies, to urban farmers, and remote tribes, we’re covering the whole story in a powerful narrative.


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