The Berkeley Mobile Occupation

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First they came for the homeless

February 10, 2018

A mobile occupation needs to move quickly, and save gear. What mobile occupation? Currently, we hold civic center in protest. The crew is very small, and has little gear. Now, they have a mobile power plant.

This group needs to be watched closely. This group contains Benjamin Royer, who is pictured, Jay Ke, camera and video, and Toan, of fnb. What’s interesting is Ben is the most experienced, having participated in The Poor Tour. Toan and Jay ke just experienced their first raid. They then experienced some harassment yesterday. They moved from one side of the building to the other. Has The Poor Tour, 2.0, gotten under way?

This action is being done by three, for thousands of homeless. They will need support, and they will need a few more people who don’t mind getting awoken by cops at 5am. Housed are encouraged to come and spend the night. Right now, they are at civic center, across from the high school. Tomorrow, they may get moved.

Stay tuned.

–Mike Zint

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