The latest domestic tragedy…

I wake up every morning, and at some point turn on RT News. Inevitably, these days, I see pictures of tens of thousands of Syrians escaping Eastern Ghouta. I don’t see this on the mainstream news. Why?

There are consequences to war. There are realities of American military belligerence towards sovereign countries where we were never invited to enter.
But somehow the so-called mainstream doesn’t think it necessary to show us that face of war. Why?
We are paying for it with our tax dollars. And the People of Syria are paying for it with their lives and their homes. And yet we go about our lives completely disconnected to a world out there of our causing.
Have you seen the damage of concrete structures completely obliterated in Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan? How many other countries’ architecture and landscape has been despoiled due to American military might that they are not telling us about, but all being done in our name.
And Americans go about their lives, shopping, immersing themselves in the small talk of local sports teams, chatting about the latest domestic horror in our schools until that dies down, and then we almost hope for another so our lives won’t be so devoid of something to talk about and we can feel connected to one another.
While at the same time, drones are pinpointing persons and objects the CIA, acting as our American Decider, deems in Our National Interest to destroy, collateral damage notwithstanding.
While at the same time, refugees from especially the Middle East and Africa are being treated as pariahs by the very same countries that caused them to flee in the first place from their war torn countries. You know, NATO, America’s military long reach into Europe.
But Americans have no conscious awareness that it is us, Obama’s Exceptional Nation, that is wreaking such chaos and destruction on human families thousands of miles away. Our media hides this from us and We prefer to pretend it’s not happening really.
We have too much on our plates to be concerned.
Wars? What wars?
Syria, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, and where else that we don’t know of.
What wars? Ask Americans about the wars. The majority of them will just look at you dumbfounded. What wars? What lives?
What am I supposed to do about it? I’m just one person, they will say.
And it’s back to shopping, sports chatter, the latest domestic tragedy…
–Bob of Occupy
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