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A. Trump Escalates War on the Reproductive Rights of Women at Home and Abroad – May 18, 2019

  See announcements # 5, 6,& 7

B. In Their Fight to Stop a New US Military Base, Okinawans Confront Two Colonizers  – May 16, 2019

C. First Vote to Shutter S.F.’s Juvenile Hall Passes Unanimously – May 16. 2918

D. UN chief Guterres concerned nuclear ‘coffin’ leaking in Pacific  – May 16, 2019

E. The Second Drone Age – How Turkey Defied the US and Became a Killer Drone Power – May 14, 2019

F. San Francisco Board of Supervisors Approves Historic Face Surveillance Ban and Oversight Law – May 14, 2019


1. Tell Congress: Stop Bolton’s war in Iran


2. Major banks must stop financing private prisons



Monday, May 20 – Thursday, May 24

Monday, May 20

1. Monday, 8:00am, Court Support Needed: Class Action Lawsuit Illegal Confiscation of Homeless People’s Possessions.

Philip J. Burton Courthouse

Judge Alsup presiding

450 Golden Gate Ave.


Floor and courtroom floor are not known at this writing.

Case is Sullivan vs. City of Berkeley

Jury selection

Reminder it takes time to go through security – must have ID to enter building.

Info from Clark Sullivan

2. Monday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, All Out-Pass AB 392 5/20 Monday!

California State Capitol

1303 10th St.



final push before the Assembly Floor Vote to PASS AB 392, the California Act To Save Lives This is the most pivotal day of action as we cannot pass this bill without passing the Assembly Floor by the end of the month.

AB 392 Does 3 Things:

1. Save lives by restricting when police officers can use force.
2. Requires officers to de-escalate
3.Hold officers accountable when using deadly force.

Sponsors: Youth Justice Coalition and 2 Other Groups


3. Monday, 10:00am – 1:00pm, Speak Out: SB 1045 Conservatorship Vote at Rules Committee

Rules Committee

SF City Hall, Room 250

1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl.


The Board of Supervisors will be voting on whether or not they would like to implement the state Senate Bill 1045 in San Francisco. It must first go through the Rules Committee (which Supervisors Mar, Ronen, and Walton sit on) before it can be passed onto the full board for a vote.

Urge Supervisors to vote “NO” on the implementation of SB 1045 in San Francisco!

SB 1045 would allow the city to create a new form of conservatorship, which moves us away from long standing practice of only placing people in locked facilities when they present a harm to self and others and instead using 8 detentions under the 5150 code as the criteria. This is a new legal process through which an individual can lose the right to make decisions about their housing, finances, and medical care.The bill targets homeless people with severe mental illness and substance addictions. While claiming to be a solution to chronic homelessness, this bill provides no funding for housing or mental health treatment.

For more information, visit

Organizations that oppose SB 1045: 
Voluntary Services First Coalition 
ACLU of Northern California 
San Francisco Senior and Disability Action
Coalition on Homelessness
Indivisible SF
Healthright 360
United Educators of San Francisco 
Mental Health Association of San Francisco
San Francisco Tenants Union
SEIU Local 1021
and many more! 

Supporters of SB 1045: 
Chamber of Commerce 
Hotel Council of San Francisco

Sponsors: Coalition on Homelessness + 8 Other groups


4. Monday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Living Graveyard

Oakland Federal Building

1301 Clay St.


Covered with sheets to represent the dead of the war of occupation on Iraq, people lie down on the city sidewalk in front of the Federal Building, This is legal, non-violent witness.  People stop, look and think.

Participants lie on the city sidewalk at least three feet apart and do not block entry to the building.The names of some of the Californians who have died in Iraq and the names of some of the Iraqi dead will be read.  Also read are some of the names of Black Lives Matter and some Palestinians killed in Gaza.  A gong is sounded after each name.   People will hand out flyers, as we do each week at the Tuesday noon vigil.

Please bring a white sheet to cover yourself with.  A pad to lie on is recommended.

sponsors include:

Berkeley Women in Black • East Bay Coalition to Support Self-Rule for Iraqis

Circle of Concern • Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice • Peace & Freedom Party

BFUU Social Justice Committee • Gray Panthers • Mustardseed Affinity Group

Father Bill Social Justice Committee/ Newman Nonviolent Peacemakers • Middle East Children’s Alliance 

East Bay Peace Action • Southern Alameda County Peace & Justice Coalition •

Info: Ecumenical Peace Institute,, (510) 990-0374 

Tuesday, May 21

5. Tuesday, 11:30am – 1:30pm, Stop Fascist Attacks on Reproductive Rights


Larkin Street side of Main Library


Calling All Handmaids, #handmaidstale: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

If you are interested in being a ‘Handmaid’ for this event contact:

Costumes will be on loan for event.

March together to steps of City Hall for #stopthebans rally (See item # 6 & Article A)

See Announcement #  and Article A.

The author of the Alabama law that just passed said, “Why not go all the way?” His Alabama ban includes no exceptions for rape or incest, and promises to punish doctors that perform abortions with sentences for up to 99 years in prison.

We’re teetering on the brink of a post-Roe reality in this country. The point is, what do we do about it?

Safe and legal access to abortion is essential to the bedrock foundation of a functioning, humane society (or one approaching that status). In the name of humanity, for women and everyone here and around the world, it’s past time we take to the streets and demand that the Trump/Pence regime must go.

Host: Refuse Fascism Bay Area


6. Tuesday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Rally for Reproductive Rights!

SF City Hall – Steps

1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl.


See announcement # 5

States across the country are rolling back access to abortion care and criminalizing providers and women. But in San Francisco we aren’t backing down, we’re fighting back: standing up for our lives, our bodies, and our choice.

Join Supervisors Vallie BrownSandra Lee FewerCatherine StefaniPlanned Parenthood Northern California, the San Francisco Department on the Status of Women, and the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women on the City Hall steps at noon to rally for our rights and hear a special announcement from Supervisor Vallie Brown!

Sponsors: Vallie Brown & Planned Parenthood


7. Tuesday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Anti-Chevron Day: Confronting Corporate Bullies

Chevron Refinary

Castro St. & Chevron Way


May 21 has been declared Global Anti-Chevron Day by the many communities around the world affected by Chevron’s human rights and environmental crimes. Join us to protest in global solidarity at its Richmond refinery.

Chevron is a corrupt company that has not only done unthinkable damage to our planet but has engaged in a strategic, relentless campaign of legal harassment and intimidation towards those who has chosen to speak out against their wrongdoings.

Sponsors: Amazon Watch & 7 Other groups


8. Tuesday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Gray Panther’s May Meeting: Insurgence in Education The Oakland Teacher’s Strike

Unitarian Center, Kincaid Room

1187 Franklin St.


Education is in turmoil, inadequate funding, teachers salary too low to live on, and growing privatization and charter schools. The Oakland school strike exemplified both these threats and fight back.


  Craig Gordon, taught in Oakland schools since 1990, OEA union member.

  Sylvia Williams, has taught ESL in the Adult Sivision of Oakland public schools for 10 years.

9. Tuesday, 5:00pm – 8:00pm, 40 Years,No Apologies: White Night March Against Police Violence

Meet at:

Castro & Market Sts.


March to SF City Hall

On May 21, 1979, San Francisco waited for justice following the murders of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk at the hands of their colleague, former cop Dan White. When the verdict was handed down, members of the San Francisco Police Department had already begun celebrating White’s minimal manslaughter sentence. However, others demanded answers, protesting in front of City Hall.

The police predictably responded with terror and violence. Fueled by vindication and immunity, they picked up innocent bystanders on Castro Street and crushed them into the sidewalk, believing that bashing some queers was still their prerogative, and they would not be held accountable.

Police violence is a common denominator within our communities: queers, incarcerated people, immigrants, the homeless, and people of color, with our black brothers and sisters being the most imperiled.

The Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Democratic Club won’t mark this anniversary with moments of silence, staid civic memorials, or social media tributes, but with a call to action among our communities to demand that police violence end.

The loss of our lives at the hands of law enforcement will not be tolerated, and perpetrators will be brought to justice. So, we will march on San Francisco City Hall just as San Franciscans did that night in 1979 and speak this truth.

The Club is asking all interested groups and organizations to reach out and let us know if you would like to join us in this action. And if you have representatives who would like to address the crowd at the City Hall terminus. Email us .

Sponsors: Harvey Milk LGBQT Club & 3 Others


10. Tuesday , 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Stand with Refugio and Elvira Nieto – Monthly gathering at Alex Nieto’s altar

Bernal Hill


Public transportation # 67 MUNI. Catch it on 24th St. at Mission across from McDonalds

On the monthly anniversary of Alex’s murder, the Nieto’s gather at the altar site on Bernal Hill.

All are welcomed

On March 21, 2014, Alejandro “Alex” Nieto, 28 years old, was killed when he was struck by 14 to 15 bullets (of a total of 59 shots) fired by four San Francisco Police Department officers, on Bernal Hill Park, without justification. The officers who killed Alex Nieto are: Sgt. Jason Sawyer (then lieutenant. He is also the killer of John Smart in 1998!), Officer Roger Morse, Officer Richard Schiff, and Officer Nathan Chew.

From Ben Bac Sierra

“The officially submitted language, approved by the Nietos, for the Amor for Alex Nieto plaque, which will be on the memorial at Bernal Heights Park, San Fran Frisco:

March 4, 1986 to March 21, 2014.

Against the violence and injustice of 59 bullets, family and grassroots community arose as a movement to promote the positive spirit and to defend the honor of a beloved young man, Alex Nieto, who was killed by the police.

Amor for Alex Nieto.”

11. Tuesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Angry about Alabama’s Abortion Ban? Join Us & Take Action

Naral Pro Choice California

335 S Van Ness Ave.


Office is NOT ADA accessible.

Tickets / Sign-up:

Are you outraged about Alabama, Georgia, and other state abortion bans? Afraid of Roe v. Wade being overturned? There’s good news: We can organize and mobilize to ensure that California has abortion access today, and for a potential future where we are a safe haven for reproductive health. 

Join us at our San Francisco office to learn about what’s happening across the country and what NARAL is doing to fight back.

Info:  or

Wednesday, May 22

12. Wednesday, 11:00am – 12:30pm, Indigenous Women on Frontlines of Fossil Fuel Resistance- Online

Online Worldwide

Join WECAN International for – ‘Indigenous Women on the Frontlines of Fossil Fuel Resistance’ – a free, online training presented as part of our 2019 series of Online Education and Advocacy Trainings! Starts at 11:00am PST/ 2:00pm EST (US time zones, please check your own time zone to participate.) Links to join online or by phone at the bottom.

ABOUT: Around the world, women are advocating and taking action against extractivism, and leading fossil fuel resistance movements as we collectively struggle to halt further global warming and protect our communities. Extractivism is rooted in great part due to colonialism and patriarchy and is perpetuated through the current neoliberal extractivist economic model. This model destroys the Earth’s natural systems of life and has a particular and unique impact on women and Indigenous communities. 

During the ‘Women On the Frontlines of Fossil Fuel Resistance’ training, presenters will share stories, calls to action, and the latest updates from various campaigns and resistance movements, helping participants sharpen their analysis and learn how they can engage and support on-the-ground, frontline fossil fuel movements led by Indigenous women. Focus areas will include movements to prevent the destructive impact of the Line 3 pipeline in Minnesota, the Bayou Bridge pipeline in Louisiana, tar sands extraction in Canada, and oil extraction in the Amazon.

Indigenous women across the Americas continue to work diligently to address issues of extraction, colonization, Indigenous rights, Rights of Nature, violence against women, and women as critical defenders of the living Earth. While indigenous women are central to climate solutions, they also are disproportionately impacted by its negative effects due to unequal gender norms and racism, which marginalizes women’s voices, and impacts women’s economic opportunities, rights, bodies, education, and political power.

HOW: To join Training 
Option A – Join via your computer or smart phone internet connection:

1. Click here to download the free Zoom program

2. Click here to join the call

Option B – Join by phone: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
Enter the Meeting ID: 415 415 2016

Sponsor: Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network


13. Wednesday, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, Support search for El Salvador’s war disappeared

Consulate General El Salvador

507 Polk St.


For info and rsvp:

Join us to meet the El Salvador’s commissioners leading the national search of women and men forcibly disappeared during the U.S.-backed war in El Salvador. CONABUSQUEDA was formed by the President of El Salvador two yrs ago in response to a 5-yr international campaign led by Our Parents Bones.
Commissioners will inform on their progress and challenges for the future. We need a strong solidarity from U.S. brothers and sisters to bring resolution to the plight of outstanding disappearances in El Salvador.


14. Wednesday, 7:00pm – 8:00pm, Boycott Manny’s and its “Woke-Washing” of the Mission


16th & Valencia St.



We are a group of black and brown folks, Jews, Mission Housing tenants, trans and queer people, and many others, who are committed to collective liberation. We are 
calling for a community boycott of Manny’s (3092 16th at Valencia, SF) because this new upscale wine bar is yet another gentrifying attack on our community. While Manny’s bills itself as a “community space”, it’s marketed toward white ruling class techies, and its programming often features right-wing politicians who are supported by the luxury condo industry. While Manny’s is on the ground floor of a low-income building run by Mission Housing, its residents had no say in its placement. While countless Latinx cultural spaces are evicted from the Mission, Sam Moss who runs Mission Housing, gave Manny’s a reduced rent. 

The owner of Manny’s has worked with Bay Area Zionist organizations. Zionism is a racist ideology that believes Palestinian people have no claim to their land. Zionists, through the state of Israel, enforce this ideology by murdering, arresting, torturing, and displacing generations of Palestinian people. We stand against Zionism, gentrification, anti-Semitism, and all other forms of oppression. 

Manny’s is part of a systematic attempt to make gentrification and racism seem “cool” through woke-washing. Woke-washing is the strategy of putting a “social justice” façade on oppressive politics.


Endorsed by 
Black and Brown for Peace Justice and Equality; 
The Lucy Parsons Project; 
Palestinian Youth Movement – Bay Area; 
Brown Beret National Organization; 
National Brown Berets; 
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network; 
Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism; 
Jews Against Zionism; 
GAY SHAME: A Virus in the System

Thursday, May 23

15. Thursday, 5:00pm – 7:00pm, Rehabilitation Not Incarceration: A Post-Detention Panel

Greenlining Institute

360 14th St.


As we continue on our fight to liberate all who’ve been unjustly seperated from their families by detention and deportation, we want to ensure we give those most directly impacted by that aparatus the space to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Join our Rehabilitation Not Incarceration: A Post-Detention Panel as we bring folks who’ve been liberated from detention together to speak their truths, and guide our vision for a world without cages and borders.

Host: California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance


16. Thursday, 6:00pm, SF Food Not Bombs Food Share 

16th & Mission BART Plaza


For information or to volunteer:  send email to

Cookhouse:  Station 40, 3030B 16th Street (between Mission and Julian).

Food Pickups: Help Needed!

Cooking:  3030B 16th Street–3:00 pm to 6:00 pm–Ring doorbell for entry–Help Needed!

Sharing: 16th and Mission BART Plaza — 6:00 pm–Help Needed!


17. Thursday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, ¡Venceremos! 50 Years of Solidarity with Cuba

The Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics

518 Valencia St.


Wheelchair accessible

Donations (sliding scale) $5 – $20 (cash or checks only please) to support people going on the 50th Anniversary Brigade to Cuba this summer. No one turned away

Join the Center for Political Education and the Venceremos Brigade Bay Area Organizing Committee to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Venceremos Brigade and its central role in building Left movements in the Bay Area and across the U.S. 

Hear from a powerful panel of former brigadistas as they reflect on the role that the Venecermos Brigade played in their political development and why these delegations are as important today as they were 50 years ago.

Panelists include:
• Phil Hutchings (2nd, 3rd, 15th, 25th contingent)

• Linda Burnham (4th & 5th contingents)

• Melba Maldonado (12th contingent)

• Jason Ferreira (25th-30th contingent)


~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

To purchase advance tickets see info below…


Sunday, June 9, 2019

2:30pm – 4:30pm

Soar, Torian, Soar


Filmmaker Q&A!

Roxie Theater

3117 16th Street





Audrey Candy Corn is a West Oakland native, “Sister LoveOlutionary,” and organizer for justice. When her son Torian is murdered, she uses her phone to document her own darkest moments. While laying bare her struggles with grief, poverty, and raising her remaining two children, the film reveals the enduring spirit of a woman who went on to request leniency for her child’s killer.

Q&A  with Audry Candy Corn, Ziair Cornish Hughes, Amir Hughes Cornish and Peter Menchini,

Many of you know Peter Menchini’s work by his photographs and videos in the Occupy movement as well as in many actions around the Bay Area.

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