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A. Trump Says Delayed Immigration Raids Will Start After July 4 – July 1, 2019

  See items # 1, 3, & 11  and Article F

B. Senate Rejects Effort to Prevent Trump from Attacking Iran Without Congressional Approval – July 1, 2019

  See Action # 1

C. Protestors block 2019 SF Pride Parade, bring festivities to a halt

D. Israeli forces kill one, injure 95, attack doctors, nurses, for Nat’l Garden – June 30, 2019

E. Adante Pointer Delivers Powerful Closing Arguments: Santos & Vizzusi Responsible for Anthony’s Death – June 28, 2019

 On July 4, 2016Anthony Nuñez,18 years old was murdered by the San Jose Police Dept.  at his own home after 2 calls for help were made. No one should die at the hands of the police when help is asked for.

The case went to civil trial. On Friday, June 28th the case went to the jury for deliberation. Please hold Anthony’s parents, Sandy and Jesse and their family in your thoughts as they seek


F. Mother pleads for help in harrowing video from Mexico detention centre: ‘My son is dying’ – June 27, 2019

G. U.S. Wants to Dredge San Francisco Bay to Aid Oil Shipping – June 27, 2019

H. Army officer suspended for confronting Japanese-Americans protesting Fort Sill’s role in migrant detention – June 27, 2019


1. Add Your Name: The power to authorize war belongs to Congress, not TRUMP!


2. Act Now to Save Mumia’s Eyesight and to Demand His Release


3. Demand Phoenix Police Chief Williams and DA Montgomery Fire Violent Officers NOW



Tuesday, July 1 – Friday, July 5

Laborfest events for July listed on Indybay:

Tuesday, July 2

1. Tuesday, 12Noon, Emergency Rallies #CloseTheCamps – Families Belong Together (Called by Move-On)

Enter your zipcode to sign up for event near you:

   San Francisco Protest: Senator Feinstein’s Office

     1 Post St. @ Market St.


2. Tuesday, 12:30pm – 1:30pm, Boycott Manny’s – Weekly protest!

16th & Valencia St. (outside)


From Black & Brown For Justice Peace and Equality / Mothers On The March Against Police Murders.

Why Are We Boycotting Manny’s?

The owner of Manny’s is occupying a place that the Latino community fought for! Residents of the Mission community have fought for many years to make sure that community organizations create venues/space that would benefit the black and brown community. We believe that this should be a cultural center for the youth of this area, especially at a time when so many are being displaced.

The owner of Manny’s also support the occupation of Palestine by a so-called Zionist state of Israel that is committing genocide of the Palestinian People. Zionist also are involved with training police in the US.

Join us, Stop the Displacement of Black and Brown People from the Mission, help us denounce Zionism and help STOP the GENOCIDE of the Palestinian People by the state of Israel.

3. Tuesday, 6:30pm – 8:00pm, For the People – Crisis at the Border

Artillery Gallery

2751 Mission St. (@ 24th St.)


Information about what’s going on at the borders- please join us for a discussion

Bill Ong Hing, Professor of Law and Migration Studies was part of a Flores inspection team that was permitted to interview minors detained at a border patrol processing facility in Clint, Texas. After three days of detailed conversations with many detainees, he came away disgusted and appalled. The declarations of minors collected by Professor Hing and others on the inspection team are being used in negotiations today with Department of Justice attorneys to close down the facility.

Professor Hing had conversations with several teen mothers with infants as young as five and nine months. He also had individual conversations with 5 and 8 year old boys, three sets of siblings—a 14 year old girl and her 10 year old brother, brothers, ages 12 and 4, and another sister and brother, ages 15 and 13. Several cried as they talked about the conditions and missing their parents.

#StopTrump #NoOneIsIllegal #CloseDetentionCenters #ReleaseTheChildren #community#communitymeeting#NoOneIsIllegal

Hosts: Bianca Starr, Isabel Gutierrez from Hecho in California

Wednesday, July 3

4. Wednesday, 9:00am – 4:00pm, Pack the Court for Prop C!

400 McAllister St.


Three business organizations (Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, CA Business Roundtable & the CA Business Properties Association) representing big corporations such as Chevron, Albertsons & Sutter Health, have filed suit to invalidate Prop C – Our City Our Home. 

We refuse to allow a small group of corporate interests tear down a bill that can help thousands of exit homelessness by providing housing, homelessness prevention, mental health services + shelter.

A court date set for our case and is scheduled for Wed, July 3 at 400 McAllister — time TBD. Come out with us to Pack the Court in support of Prop C!

Sponsors: Yes on C Our City Our Home SF + 7 Other groups


5. Wednesday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Peace Vigil

Powell & Market Sts


Look for the PEACE Banner hanging from the wall on the side going to BART

Themes vary each week on Peace & Justice issues

This week’s theme: The border children/concentration camps,

Thursday, July 4

6. Thursday, 10:00am – 11:30am, Standing on this land together: Indigenous, settlers & migrants

1900 4th St.


This July 4th, join members of the indigenous Ohlone, interfaith and immigrant community for prayer and ceremony on sacred Ohlone territory at the West Berkeley Shellmound site. This 4th of July, we honor the ancestors and 1st nations of the Bay area.

~ We reflect on what does it mean to be a guest on indigenous land?
~ How is the invisibility, displacement and harm towards indigenous peoples and immigrants connected?
~ How can we create new meaning together in celebration of our interdependence?

In a gesture of reparations and making amends for the continued occupation of indigenous land, non-indigenous peoples are invited to make a donation to support:

1) Shellmound Legal Defense Fund: 

(2) Shuumi Land Tax:

** If standing for 1.5 hours is uncomfortable, please bring a camping chair.
** After the Ceremony, for those who can stay, we will walk over to the water at the Berkeley Marina and have a picnic. Please bring something to share!
** Be mindful that the Berkeley Marina will be having their annual July 4th all day festival beginning at 12:00pm

Sponsors: Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity + 3 Other groups


7. Thursday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Candles for Assange Independent Action @ Mime Troupe – Dolores Park

Dolores Park

Dolores St. & 19th St.


join us as we fight for the freedom and very life of Julian Assange. We will be a part of a WORLDWIDE – ALL 7 Continent, 15 Country, 29 City #Candles4Assange Vigil to STOP the WAR on JOURNALISM! Bring candles (we’ll have flameless for safety)

We will record a clip of singing Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday to send to Julian/for a world montage. We will be there to educate and pass out information regarding the plight of Julian Assange. Join us on this “day of Independence” as we fight for the freedom and very life of Julian Assange- as well as our own constitutional freedoms being eroded.

Stay for the show: “Treasure Island” – part of LaborFest

Sponsor: Bay Action Committee to Free Julian Assange


8. Thursday, 6:00pm, SF Food Not Bombs Food Share 

16th & Mission BART Plaza


For information or to volunteer:  send email to

Cookhouse:  Station 40, 3030B 16th Street (between Mission and Julian).

Food Pickups: Help Needed!

Cooking:  3030B 16th Street–3:00 pm to 6:00 pm–Ring doorbell for entry–Help Needed!

Sharing: 16th and Mission BART Plaza — 6:00 pm–Help Needed!


9. Thursday, 7:00pm – 10:00pm, Anti-July 4 Open Mic: Envision a world Without America!

Revolution Books – Berkeley

2444 Durant Ave.


Poetry, songs and other unpatriotic & revolutionary offerings. Contact Revolution Books to participate! Can you imagine a world without America???

Info:  or

Friday, July 5

10. Friday, 12Noon – 2:00pm,  Mothers on the March Against Police Murders – 150th Week!

Hall of Injustice

850 Bryant St.



All are invited to join us  to demand that District Attorney George Gascon charge police officers with murder. Stand with ALL families who have lost loved ones to police murders. Since Gascon has been the DA in San Francisco, he has not charged any police officers.

Calling for Justice for:

Joshua Smith, Kenneth Harding Jr., Peter Yin Woo, Steven Michael Young, Dennis Hughes , Pralith Prolouring, Dale Stuart Wilkerson, Alex Nieto, Giovany Contreras Sandoval, O’Shaine Evans, Matthew Hoffman, Amilcar Perez-Lopez, Alice Brown, Herbert Omar Benitez, Javier Lopez Garcia, Mario Woods, Luis Gόngora Pat, Jessica Nelson, Nicolas McWherter, Nicholas Flusche, Damian Murray, Keita O’Neil, Jesus Adolfo Delgado, Jehad Eid, and Derrick Gaines (killed by a police officer hired by SFPD)

The above named  all were killed by SFPD during DA Gascon’s reign – NOT ONE police officer has been charged! 

11. Friday, 4:00pm – 6:00pm, Speak-out & Protest: Stop ICE Raids! Stop Detentions!

SF Federal Building

90 7th St.


On June 17, President Trump announced raids to deport thousands of immigrants from cities across the country, including San Francisco. Although the sweeps, to have begun June 23, were postponed, immigrants, their supporters, and working people in general need to demand an end to all ICE raids and detentions.

The profit-driven policies of both Democratic and Republican politicians over the years have driven the economic, political, and environmental devastation that forces migrants and refugees to cross the U.S. border for survival. It’s time to reignite the movement to defend immigrants and hold the federal government accountable. Officials have shown that they cannot be trusted to respect the human and legal rights of migrants, so it is up to us to take action as supporters. 

Join with other community members, advocates and activists to demand that Senators Harris and Feinstein, and Representatives Pelosi, Speier and others withhold all funding for deportation raids, shut down ICE, close detention centers, and reunite families.

Sponsor: Freedom Socialist Party – Bay Area

Info:   or

12. Friday, 5:30pm – 7:00pm, Free Chelsea Manning & Julian Assange – Oakland Weekly Friday

Fruitvale & MacArthur


Vigil Demo Potluck Music (7pm after party/meeting)

WE HOPE TO CONNECT PEOPLE TO OUR ON GOING CAMPAIGNS IN THE BAY ARE here is a link to the bay area action for julien which includes CHELSEA SUPPORT PLEASE SIGN UP

PLEASE WRITE LETTERS TO CHELSEA (only hand written and no post cards no pictures do not write any thing on the outside of the envelope.

 Chelsea Elizebeth Manning 
William G truedale adult Detention Center 

Check with Orion to be sure vigil is happening –

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