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A. Jamaica Hampton: San Francisco Police Department addresses public at ‘town hall’ meeting following Dec. 7 shooting – December 17, 2019

BNotes Used in the Presentation at the December 17, 2019 Town Hall to Address the December 7th Officer Involved Shooting 19-141(c) – December 17, 2019

   Note: These are SFPD’s notes. There is no video of the actual town hall. Thank you to everyone who came out to support Jamaica Hampton and his Family. He remains in critical condition.

C. Disabled Protesters Shut Down PG&E Headquarters over Power Outages – December 17, 2019

D. Israeli military orders used to deprive Palestinians of human rights, says HRW report – December 17, 2019

E. Greta Asks Media to Focus on Other Young Climate Activists  – December 9, 2019–HsoPtpXT0pR9DQG23_Y9QYYa_fmUHj-n7vXhVqjdbUZOK8vM

F. Nestlé’s go at privatizing town water shot down by Michigan appeals court  December 5, 2019

G. US Constructing Two New Bases In Syria’s Oil-Rich Region: Report – November 6, 2019

H. These universities are helping to build U.S. nuclear weapons – November 13, 2019

I. The Kimberley Process: Israel’s multi-billion dollar blood diamond laundry  – November 19, 2019

J. A week in the life of a Palestinian child: Oct 3-9, 2019 (2 minute video)


1. Free Chelsea Manning!


2. Save SNAP and Food Stamps


3. SF Supervisors: support CCSF


4. Stop Denying Medical Care for Jailed Children


Special Display

Ends Saturday, December 21

Special Display at SOMArts , Future Relations: A Resource for Radical Teaching presents F.T.P.

934 Brannan St.


#FTP Exhibit will be open til December 21

Display opens 12Noon – 7:00pm, Wed. Thurs. & Friday

 Sat. 12:00Noon – 5:00pm

December 19th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm is the closing party

This is a must see display!

Featured is a sculpture of Leonard Peltier was made by artist Rigo23.. Its 11 feet tall and 900 pounds.. The head, arms and feet are carved out of red wood tree.

Installation also honors Malcolm Shabazz, Kenneth Harding Jr., Alec Nieto, Idriss Stelley, and Mario Woods.

Future Relations: A Resource for Radical Teaching presents F.T.P. is the first exhibition of SOMArts 2019-20 Curatorial Residency season. With a combined 30 years of teaching experience, curators Fred Alvarado, Thomas Jones, and David Petrelli reimagine SOMArts’ Main Gallery into a site for collective liberation and hope for educators, community organizers, and youth alike. 

Critically engaged teachers work collaboratively with young people in confronting and subverting systemic oppression. Through an Ethnic Studies, social justice oriented lens, Future Relations offers alternatives to traditional models of education by presenting works that underscore the importance of experiential knowledge and community cultural wealth. 



Every Wednesday, 6:30pm, Food Not Bombs Food Sharing

16th & Mission
BART Plaza

We are resuming weekly sharings on Wednesdays at the 16th/Mission BART Plaza

We will prepare and cook at St. John The Evangelist Church, 1661 15th Street (at Julian) beginning at

   4:00 PM every Wednesday, except for the 4th Wednesday of the month                               

We will continue preparing and cooking at Station 40, 3030B 16th Street (between Mission and Julian) beginning at

   3:00 PM on the 4th Wednesday of the month

We always need volunteers.  


Every Friday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Protest the San Francisco Police Officers Association  

San Francisco Police Officers Association
800 Bryant  @ 6th Street (outside)

Mothers on the March Against Police Murders and Black and Brown for Justice, Peace and Equality

    ‘Declare the Police Officers Association a Non Grata Organization’

The Police Officers Association claims to be a union, in reality it is an organization that is based on racism, white supremacy and Nazi ideology. It protects police officers that come into our communities to terrorize and murder our black and brown brothers and sisters.

We demand that the San Francisco Police Officers Association be shut down!

All are welcomed to stand with us.

Monthly Events

The 11th day of each month, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, SF Speak Out at Japan Consulate – To Stop Restarting Japanese Nuke Plants & JPN Olympics

SF Japanese Consulate
275 Battery (nr. California St.)

Stop PM Abe’s Big LIE and Fraud On The People Of The World That Fukushima is SAFE!

Join No Nukes Action NNA at the San Francisco Japanese Consulate to protest the continued Japanese Abe government efforts to force Japanese children and their families back to Fukushima although Fukushima is still contaminated. Even the new Japanese environmental minister Shinjiro Koizumi, has called for permanently shutting down the nation’s nuclear reactors to prevent a repeat of the 2011 Fukushima disaster. His comments came just a day after Koizumi’s predecessor recommended dumping more than one million tons of radioactive wastewater from the power plant into the Pacific Ocean.

The government claims that Fukushima has been “decontaminated” but the three reactors still have melted nuclear rods which they have not been able to remove.

There are also thousands of bags in Fukushima filled with radioactive waste with no place to go and many of these contaminated bags have also washed away during the recent typoons.

In a major propaganda scheme to lie to the world, the Abe government has lied to the Olympic committee that not only is Japan safe but Fukushima should host the baseball games and Special Olympics. It is spending tens of millions of dollars preparing the Azuma sports stadium to push a big lie that everything is OK.

Defend the people of Fukushima, Japan and the world.
Stop The Restart of ALL Japan NUKE Plants
Defend the Children and People of Fukushima
No Olympic Baseball Games at Fukushima and Olympics in Japan
No Militarization and War In Asia

Check Indybay closer to event day.

The 21st day of each month, 6:00pm – 7:00pm,  Stand with Refugio and Elvira Nieto – at Alex Nieto’s altar

Bernal Hill

Public transportation # 67 MUNI. Catch it on 24th St. at Mission across from McDonalds

On the monthly anniversary of Alex’s murder, gather with the Nieto’s at Alex’s altar site on Bernal Hill.

All are welcomed

On March 21, 2014, Alejandro “Alex” Nieto, 28 years old, was killed when he was struck by 14 to 15 bullets (of a total of 59 shots) fired by four San Francisco Police Department officers, on Bernal Hill Park, without justification. The officers who killed Alex Nieto are: Sgt. Jason Sawyer (then lieutenant. He is also the killer of John Smart in 1998!), Officer Roger Morse, Officer Richard Schiff, and Officer Nathan Chew.

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