What would you say if you had 60 seconds to speak at the Democratic National Convention?

Here’s what I’d say:

Congratulations, corporate Democrats of America. You’ve won one more round. You have chosen two candidates with no popularity among the people, but lots of popularity with the corporate media, with Wall Street, the big banks, the pharmaceutical companies, the military-industrial complex and all the other corporations who will finance Biden’s campaign.

Biden himself has said he would be a transitional president. And I think that’s true.

But it’s not up to him (or his running mate) to determine what we will be transitioning to. It’s up to the people.

And the people are coming: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is coming. Ilhan Omar is coming. Ayanna Pressley is coming. Rashida Tlaib is coming. Jamaal Bowman is coming. Cori Bush is coming. Mondaire Jones is coming. Shahid Buttar is coming. Ro Khanna is coming. Ed Markey is coming. Alex Morse is coming. Justice Democrats are coming.

Don’t look back. The people are coming.

–Mike Zonta, co-editor of OccupySF.net and SF Berniecrat

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