Shahid vs Pelosi 2020

Shahid Buttar for Congress San Francisco stands for peace, human rights, environmental justice, and digital rights. Why won’t our Representative in Washington show up for those values? In 2018, our movement overcame an entrenched centrist incumbent in New York. We secured a champion for peace & justice from Minnesota. And our campaign to replace Speaker Nancy Pelosi as San Francisco’s representative in Congress won more votes against her than any primary challenger from the left in a decade. Now, we’re back to finish the job in 2020. We can’t afford to wait another generation for our leaders to “evolve” on climate change or universal healthcare. Join our campaign now to create the change we need in Congress! We invite your support: — Donate at… — Volunteer at… — Learn more at — Connect with us at @Shahidforchange on Facebook (, Twitter (, or Instagram (…) Video created by

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One Response to Shahid vs Pelosi 2020

  1. By being a tool of corporate and .01%interests, Nancy Pelosi, during her term as Speaker of the House has effectively done everything she could to insure Republican dominance in Congress (Senate & House), the appointment of two rightwing Supreme Court Justices and the election of Trump in 2016.

    Now everything she has done the past two years has been to aid the election of Trump for a second term.

    Publicly forced to finally impeach Trump last year, Nancy chose to ignore all the crimes Trump was engaged in. Instead she chose an extremely narrow impeachment in an attempt to protect the DNC party’s Presidential favorite Joe Biden, the only candidate most likely to lose to Trump in 2020.

    Now she has ignored a second REAL impeachment for months while Trump drives the nation into a Pandemic that has killed nearly 200k Americans and destroyed the economy for all but the super-rich.

    While Trump, aided by Mitch McConnell, openly and publicly does everything he can to not only sabotage the November election in his favor, but to set the stage for seizing the Presidency by Amendment 12 and/or a violent coup!

    Now while Trump/ McConnell attempt to seize the Supreme Court seat that Ruth Bader Ginsburg struggled valiantly to save for an appointee who values human rights and justice for all people!

    Few people have done more to aid the rightwing seizure of out Nation than Nancy Pelosi! Please let’s get rid of her!

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