160 Persons have died in San Francisco since March 2020 from COVID19

By Bob of Occupy (aka Political Bob)

November 28, 2020

This a verifiable fact from the SF Public Health records. Since March of this year to today, 160 people have died. That’s one person per every 5,500 or 20 persons per month. That’s putting things in perspective, something our mainstream media is not doing for us. And because 160 persons have died and positive tests have increased WE are being forced into a lockdown affecting many citizens’ ability to work to support themselves and their families. How does that make any kind of logical sense? And why are so many testing positive, which is the excuse being given us from our Controllers in City Hall for this lockdown? MORE people are getting tested. And positive tests don’t equal deaths. And what hasn’t sufficiently been reported on is that 80-90% of those who test positive have a mild form of the virus or don’t even know they had it. But Sky, this is just CONSPIRACY THEORY to those who won’t even go to the SF Public Health Records to investigate this it really is 160 deaths in eight months. Nobody is denying deaths. We’re just questioning the over-reaction, the terrorizing of the populace.

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