Biden Sides With Science Over Trudeau, Rejects Keystone XL

The Rational National In a rejection of Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s wishes, President-elect Joe Biden plans to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline through executive order on day 1 of his presidency. My breakdown predicting this two months ago: === Support the show at Donate Directly at Tip at… ‘Join’ on YouTube:… Follow David Doel at Follow The Rational National at Follow on Twitch at Follow on Facebook: === Sources: (Keystone XL map) (Obama stops it) (Trump approves it) (Court blocks it) (Trudeau lobbies Biden) (CBC confirms cancelation) (CommonDreams report) (Ruth H. Hopkins tweet) (Bernie Sanders tweet) (CBC report, TC Energy’s comments) (Jason Kenney reaction) (Climate Justice Edmonton reaction)

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