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Listing of other Bay Area Events


A. Donald Trump Executioners May Have Misled Courts, Sparking Calls for Investigation  – February 23, 2021

B. Malcolm X’s family releases letter alleging FBI, police role in his death  – February 22, 2021

Malcolm X’s family releases letter alleging FBI, police role in his death (

C. Independent probe accuses police and paramedics of wrongdoing in death of Elijah McClain – February 22, 2021

Independent probe accuses police and paramedics of wrongdoing in death of Elijah McClain (

D. A Man Died After Police Knelt on His Neck for 5 Minutes  – February 22, 2021

What We Know About the Killing of Angelo Quinto (


 ♥ Angelo Quinto ♥

  30-year-old Navy veteran

  Antioch, California

  See Action # 2

E. Haiti’s Century of US Coups, Invasions & Puppets – February 20, 2021 (YouTube – 8 min. long)

Haiti’s Century of US Coups, Invasions & Puppets – YouTube  –

   See Action item # 1   and  Event # 5

F. Damaged Fukushima Reactors Leaking Coolant After Last Weekend’s 7.3 Earthquake  – February 20, 2021

Damaged Fukushima Reactors Leaking Coolant After Last Weekend’s 7.3 Earthquake (

  See  Action # 4  and  Event # 7

G. The Radical Practicality of Community Control Over Policing – February 18, 2021

H. US State Department accusation of China ‘genocide’ relied on data abuse and baseless claims by far-right ideologue – February 18, 2021

I. The Covid Vaccine On Trial: If You Only Knew…(Panel discussion)

The Covid Vaccine On Trial: If You Only Knew… • Children’s Health Defense

   World renowned experts (physicians, scientists, lawyers, activists etc.) discussed the many unanswered questions regarding the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccine on

February 10, 2021. Read video transcript.

J. Israel censored this film. Watch it here – January 21, 2021


1. Sign On Letter: U.S., OAS and UN: Hands Off Haiti!

  SIGN: Sign On Letter: U.S., OAS and UN: Hands Off Haiti! (

   See event # 5

2. Justice for Angelo Quinto

Petition · Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe: Justice for Angelo Quinto ·

3. Immediately add your name: Tell Facebook to NOT add the term “Zionist” to its hate speech policy


  Petition will be delivered Wed. 2/24

4. International Signature Campaign Against Discharge of Contaminated Water & Discontinuation of Nuclear Power Plants


   See event # 7

5. Stop USDA from automatically approving all GMO animals

  SIGN:Add your name: Genetically engineered animals should be regulated under strict FDA protocols!

6. Strengthen the EITC and Child Tax Credit

  SIGN: | SIGN our letter to strengthen the EITC and Child Tax Credit!

7. Tell the Biden administration: Police accountability is a priority

  SIGN: Tell the Biden administration: Police accountability is a priority. | Campaign to End Qualified Immunity

8. Reverse Trump Era Approvals for Dangerous Pesticides

 SIGN:  Reverse the Trump Era Approvals for Dangerous Pesticides (


Friday, February 26

1. Friday, 3:00pm, Sixth anniversary of Amilcar’s death

Online  info:
Meeting ID: 370 674 815
Password: 697565
One tap mobile:  +16699006833,,370674815# then 697565
Dial in:  +1 669 900 6833 US then 370 674 815# and  697565

Join us for a Zoom gathering to remember Amilcar and the common struggle that has made us friends over these last six years. We’ll look back at where we’ve been, take stock of where we are, and discuss where to go from here.

No word yet from the DA

As I mentioned in the last email, the new District Attorney Chesa Boudin had agreed to review each of the police shootings of these last few years, including Amilcar’s. 

From what he’s shared with some of us so far, it is unlikely the DA will change his predecessor’s decision not to charge the cops who killed Amilcar. From what I gather, this is for technical reasons. For example, after six years and many delays, all the statutes of limitations in Amilcar’s case are about to expire. From what he’s told us, the DA feels he has no choice given the constraints imposed on him by law and legal practice.

So far we have no word about how or when the DA will announce his decision. Stay tuned!

About Amilcar Perez-Lopez:

Amilicar was a 21 year old Guatemala immigrant shot to the back six times boy San Francisco police on February 26, 2015 as he was running for his life.

Amilcar came to the U.S. when he was 17 to earn money for his family in Guatemala. He worked at construction sites and restaurants throughout SF. Friends and coworkers remember him as a hardworking, thoughtful, generous young man. He provided for his family, sending remittances back home.

Amilcar is survived by his parents and five siblings, in Guatemala. He also had a significant other in San Francisco.

Host: Justice4Amilcar

Info: Remembering Amilcar, 6 years after | Facebook

Saturday, February 27

2. Saturday, 1:00pm- 2:30pm (PT); 4:00pm – 5:30pm (ET), Training on the New Sanctions Kill Toolkit


Anyone on/off FB


The Sanctions Kill coalition created a new toolkit that anyone can use to educate their organization, group or community about what economic sanctions are, the impact they have, why they are illegal and how they also hurt people in the United States. The toolkit is composed of a 20-minute slideshow, a sample script and resources.

You are invited to a webinar to learn more about the toolkit, hear a sample presentation and ask questions. This is led by members of groups in the Sanctions Kill coalition

Info: Training on the New Sanctions Kill Toolkit | Facebook

3. Saturday 2:00pm, Celebrate the life of Oscar Grant


Meet at:

Fruitvale BART Station

Oscar Julius Grant was born February 27, 1986 during Black History Month. Who would have thought that he would make a permanent mark on Black History and be celebrated as an icon of social justice around the world.

The January 1, 2009 public execution of Oscar Grant propelled the community into rebellion. Oscar was not the first but the most extreme visual epaulet of state repression and police brutality since the beating of Rodney King.

nfact the notorious knee in the neck and illegal chokehold used on Oscar Grant has been used on 70 unarmed unarmed Black men while in the custody of law enforcement leading to their demise, according to New York Times.

The most recent case known was the 8:46 George Floyd laid under an officers knee echoing the all so familiar plea ‘ I cant breathe’.

Info: Celebrate the life of Oscar Grant | Facebook

4. Saturday, 3:00pm – 4:30pm, NUCLEAR WEAPONS: How Do We Seize Our Movement Moment?

Online – on/off facebook

Register to receive link: NUCLEAR WEAPONS: How Do We Seize Our Movement Moment? (

As part of our 14th annual Bravo Test Nuclear Memorial Weekend of Action, the Pacific Life Community invites you to join a conversation with two illustrious representatives of sister antinuclear organizations.


Seth Shelden, Liaison to the United Nations for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), awardee of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

Jackie Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation; National Co-Convener, United for Peace and Justice; and North American Coordinator, Mayors for Peace

Introduced and Moderated by PLC member, Jim Haber

Info: NUCLEAR WEAPONS: How Do We Seize Our Movement Moment? | Facebook

Monday, March 1

5. Monday, 4:00pm – 5:30pm, Stand with the People of Haiti – Emergency Demo

In – person

Meet at:

SF Public Library (in front)
100 Larkin St.

Practice Social Distancing

Demand an End to US / UN Support of Moise Dictatorship!

Stop the Deportations!

● End all support for the dictatorship of Jovenel Moise

● End all recognition of the government of Jovenel Moise as of February 7th, 2021 as required by Haiti’s constitution

● Stop all funding of the criminal Haitian police and security forces

Haiti Action Committee strongly condemns the continued US and UN support for Haitian dictator Jovenel Moise as he flaunts the Haitian constitution and clings to power. Moise has been ruling by decree for months, and is now pushing to enact illegitimate constitutional reforms that would give him even more power. Having come to power through a US-UN supported fraudulent election, denounced widely in Haiti as an “electoral coup,” the Moise regime is now poised to stage another series of phony elections to maintain its stranglehold over the country. We stand in solidarity with the resistance and resolve of Haitians in and outside of Haiti to get rid of this criminal regime.

Bring signs / banners.

Host: Haiti Action Committee

Info:  and  Haiti Action Committee | Facebook

Tuesday, March 2

6. Tuesday, 5:00pm (PT), Online Memorial for Don Bechler, Co-founder of Single Payer Now


Register to receive info:

You will be able to zoom call by phone or computer.

Long time chair and co-founder of Single Payer Now, Don Bechler, died this past October, 2020.  There will be an online memorial on what would have been Don’s 74th birthday we will celebrate his amazing life and share our sadness that he is gone.

Info from friends of Don Bechler

Thursday, March 11

7. Thursday 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Rally-Speak Out on Tenth Anniversary of Fukushima NUKE Meltdown


San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St. (nr. California St.)

Masks & Physical distancing

No More Fukushimas, No Olympic In Japan In the Middle Of Pandemic

March 11, 2021 is the tenth anniversary of the earthquake and meltdown of three nuclear reactors at Fukushima.
The nightmare for the people and refugees of Fukushima and Japan continues. They are struggling to survive.

Despite promises that the melted nuclear rods would be removed they have not been and the recent earthquake has added greater dangers.
Two reactors at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan have begun leaking cooling water following last weekend’s 7.3 magnitude earthquake, indicating that the existing damage to TEPCO’s Unit 1 and 3 reactors has worsened

The government is also planning to dump over a million tons of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean despite the opposition of the Fisherman’s co-operative and the people of Japan and Korea.

At the same time the Japanese government under former Japanese prime minister Abe and now Suga continue their denialism mode. They say that they have overcome the nuke plant meltdowns and still want to have the Olympics in Japan this summer 

They also have shown their sexist attacks on women when the former head of the Olympics Yoshiro who was also a former prime minister said women speak too much. He was forced to
resign but their reactionary sexism, denialism and racism continues.

Nuclear clean-up workers including workers from overseas and other workers continue to get contaminated with no proper health and safety education and tens of thousands of bags of radioactive waste continue to remain scattered throughout the prefecture with no place to go.

It’s time to remember the families and children who are still suffering from this man-made
disaster and let them know that people in the United States and around the world stand with them.

Host: No Nukes Action

Info: Rally-Speak Out Thursday On Tenth Anniversary of Fukushima NUKE Meltdowns : Indybay

8. Thursday 6:00pm- 7:30pm (PT), 10th Anniversary of Fukushima: an update on impacts of radiation on females


Register: Meeting Registration – Zoom


On the 10th anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, Mothers for Peace is hosting an online event, featuring a presentation by biologist Mary Olson. Learn about her work showing greater harm to the female body from radiation than the male body, the basis of data for regulators. This must change!

 The event will begin with a current update on Fukushima by Yuji and Beverly Findlay Kaneko, co-producers of Voices from Japan, a special segment of Libbe HaLevy’s Nuclear Hotseat podcast.

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