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Note: I have not listed any Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) an animal rights group that list a variety of events on Indybay, when listed the internet police block what I try sending out. Please check Indybay for their events

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A. Unaccompanied Minors Sent to Contaminated Military Bases – April 5, 2021

B. Over objections of Dem Hawks, Biden agrees to indirect Talks with Iran in Vienna to return to the 2015 Nuclear Deal – April 3, 2021

Over objections of Dem Hawks, Biden agrees to indirect Talks with Iran in Vienna to return to the 2015 Nuclear Deal (

C. Biden administration lifts Trump sanctions on ICC officials – April 2, 2021

Biden administration lifts Trump sanctions on ICC officials | Middle East Eye

D. Even as a White Helmets boss admits ‘former’ militant links, Canadian national media talks ‘Russian disinfo’ – April 2, 2021

E. Military Analyst Daniel Hale Jailed for Exposing Drone Killings to Public – April 1, 2021

Military Analyst Daniel Hale Jailed for Exposing Drone Killings to Public –

  See action # 5

F. India’s farmers strike for their lives

India’s farmers strike for their lives – Freedom Socialist Party (

   See event # 10

G. Regarding The Farewell Of Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald 
– April 1, 2021

  See “Special appeal” section

H. Dozens of SFPD officers quit before facing serious discipline. An ‘informal’ policy seeks to fix it.  3/31/21

Dozens of SFPD officers quit before facing serious discipline. An ‘informal’ policy seeks to fix it. – Mission Local


1. President Biden: Support an arms embargo for Burma

  SIGN: President Biden: Support an arms embargo for Burma. | Win Without War

2. #SaveSheikhJarrah – Take Action — Sign our Petition to Members of Congress!

  SIGN: #SaveSheikhJarrah – Take Action — Sign our Petition to Members of Congress! | Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (

   Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, are facing FORCED EVICTION by the Zionist occupation on 2 May.

3.  Biden: End ALL weapons sales to Saudi Arabia & the UAE

  SIGN: Biden: End ALL weapon sales to Saudi Arabia & the UAE | Win Without War

4. Sign The Petition to Drop All Charges Against Steven Donziger

  SIGN: Sign The Petition to Drop All Charges Against Steven Donziger – Action Network

Petition will be delivered on Monday, April 12

For almost 30 years, this father, human rights advocate, and attorney has been fighting for Indigenous people who were poisoned by Chevron’s 16 billion gallons of toxic oil dumping in the Amazon. The oil company then strong-armed a US judge & now he’s under unconstitutional house arrest for over 600 days for protecting his sources – which he has a legal obligation to do – so they don’t go after them, too. If this could happen to him, it could happen to you or anyone who dares to speak up

5. Petition to Free Daniel Hale


6. Tell FERC: Put people over polluters

  SIGN: FOE: Take Action

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Special Appeal:

Below are freedom campaign sites and recent articles for  longtime US-held political prisoners. Ways to learn, donate, support, spread the word. Sundiata and Ruchell are in their 80s. FREE THEM ALL

Special appreciation to Verbena for the info and for organizing this.

Sundiata Acoli – 84 yrs old, in prison since 1973

 Petition to Bring Sundiata Home

Mumia Abu-Jamal – 66 yrs old, in prison since 1982  

Petition to PA Gov for Mumia’s Freedom & Petition to Philly DA Krasner to Stop Defending Conviction of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Ed Poindexter – 74 yrs old, in prison since 1971

 Petition to Free Ed Poindexter from Prison Now

Ruchell “Cinque” Magee – 82 yrs old, in prison since 1962

 Petition: Pardon Ruchell “Cinque” Magee

Dr. Mutulu Shakur – 70 yrs old, in prison since 1986

film Dope is Death + podcast

Veronza Bowers – 75 yrs old, in prison since 1973

Leonard Peltier – 76 yrs old, in prison since 1976

  Petition for Congressional Hearings on COINTELPRO and the Pine Ridge “Reign of Terror”

Xintachtli (Alvaro Luna Hernandez) – 68 yrs old, in prison since 1996

Imam Jamil Al-Amin (formerly H. Rap Brown) – 77 years old, in prison since 2000 

 Petition for New Trial for Imam Jamil Al-Amin

Russell Maroon Shoatz – 77 yrs old, in prison since 1972 (with two escapes)  

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Tuesday, April 6 – Sunday, April 11

Tuesday, April 6

1. Tuesday, 3:00pm (PT); 6:00pm (ET), Digital Dragnet – How the Surveillance State is Spying On You


Digital Dragnet – How the Surveillance State is Spying On You (

 APTP co-founder Cat Brooks will be speaking at Mijente‘s digital town hall with Representative Ilhan Omar on tech surveillance, the Department of Homeland Security, and how the federal government’s surveillance machinery is being turned against activists, immigrants, protesters, and the rest of us.

Mijente has been leading the No Tech for ICE campaign since 2018, primarily organizing against tech companies that provide technology to ICE and CBP that enables deportations and border enforcement. We’ve worked with dozens of immigrant and civil rights groups, academics, students, shareholders, and lawmakers on different parts of the campaign, targeting the corporate ties to immigration enforcement. 

Now, with President Joe Biden elected, we know the administration has inherited a sweeping surveillance state that has strong bipartisan support. Top Democrats have spoken of their support for a “virtual wall” on the border and have routinely expanded the surveillance technologies available to ICE, CBP, the police, and various law enforcement agencies. Contracts with companies like Palantir have been renewed under the Biden administration, continuing to supercharge agencies like ICE in their mission to deport every undocumented person in the country.

2. Tuesday, 4:00pm -5:30pm, Art and Imagination Inside Prisons: Making, Learning & Teaching Art Behind Bars


RSVP: Art and Imagination Inside Prisons Tickets, Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite

This conversation will explore art-making inside the prison industrial complex as a practice of freedom by incarcerated artists. Panelists will discuss artworks crafted behind the prison wall and the creative processes involved in making, learning, and teaching art behind bars.

This is the second event in a three-part series. We encourage you to register for Art as Transformation: Music and Drama for Incarcerated Youth (3/30) and Freedom-Making in an Age of Mass Incarceration (4/13) as well.

This series is a prelude to Death By Life, a virtual opera presented by White Snake Projects, which explores the intersection of systemic racism and mass incarceration.

Featured Artists:

Carole Alden, architectural crochet artist

Renaldo Hudson, visual artist

Michelle Daniel (Jones), multimedia artist and New York University doctoral student

Jesse Krimes, visual artist

Damon Locks, teaching artist with the Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project


Alice Kim, Director of Human Rights Practice, Pozen Center Human Rights Lab

Host: Human Rights Lab and White Snake Projects

Info: Art and Imagination Inside Prisons: Making, Learning, & Teaching Art Behind Bars : Indybay

Wednesday, April 7

3. Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00am, 5 year commemoration of the Life of Luis

Luis’s Altar
Shotwell (nr 19th Street)

Wednesday will mark 5 years since Luis’s life was unjustly stolen by SFPD police violence. We invite community members to help set the altar, and meet with family to commemorate the life of Luis Góngora Pat on April 7th at 10am. 

Info: 5 year commemoration of the Life of Luis | Facebook

4. Wednesday, 5:00pm, Aunt Lute and POC United presents the Panel: Creating Our Own ‘Table’

Free Online register:

Aunt Lute x POC United Presents the Panel: Creating Our Own “Table” Tickets, Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite

This panel will explore how writers of color are creating their own paths to book distribution, community- and audience-building.

Many marginalized writers celebrate the moment that they receive “a seat at the table,” and this is quite often their goal. Yet, others of us believe that having a seat at the table is another way of waiting to be included or invited to attend, thereby still centering whiteness. This panel will focus on writers of color who are creating their own tables

Tongo Eisen-Martin

Originally from San Francisco, Tongo Eisen was recently named San Francisco’s eighth poet laureate and is a movement worker and educator who has organized against mass incarceration and extra-judicial killing of Black people throughout the United States. He is launching Black Freighter Press, a platform for building movement culture and supporting Black literary arts, with a specific focus on incarcerated poets, Bay Area poets of color, and Black women.

Tara Betts

Tara Betts is the author of the poetry collections Break the Habit, Arc & Hue, and the forthcoming Refuse to Disappear. Aside from coediting several anthologies, Tara is Poetry Editor at The Langston Hughes Review and the Lit Editor at Newcity. She is currently working on establishing The Whirlwind Learning Center on Chicago’s South Side as a space for arts education, community space, and cultural programming.

Neelanjana Banerjee

Neelanjana Banerjee’s writing has appeared in Prairie Schooner, PANK Magazine, Virginia Quarterly Review, World Literature Today and many other places. She is the Managing Editor of Kaya Press, an independent press dedicated to Asian Pacific American and Asian Diasporic literature. She teaches writing and literature classes at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University. She lives in Los Angeles, and is at work on a novel.

Info: Aunt Lute and POC United presents the Panel: Creating Our Own ‘Table’ : Indybay

5. Wednesday, 5:30pm – 7:00pm, Demand that CCSF rescind faculty layoffs and expand job training programs! (Rally)

CCSF Wellness Center
800 Ocean Ave.

Join SLASH (SF League Against Systemic Harm) at our rally.

The City College of San Francisco administration has sent out lay-off notices to 163 full time faculty members, claiming a budget shortfall. However, there are funds available to maintain programs and staffing as they are currently. The threatened cuts are really about downsizing the college during a period when working people need
education and job retraining to recover from the pandemic.

The rally will feature CCSF faculty, students, graduates and community members who will share their experiences about the importance of the college and demand that the layoffs be canceled and that job training programs, community-based courses, and academic equity initiatives be expanded. All are welcome to voice their concerns at
an open mic after the scheduled speakers. 

Info: Rally to Rescind CCSF Faculty Layoff Notices & Expand Job Training Programs : Indybay  and Rally to Rescind CCSF Faculty Layoff Notices & Expand Job Training Programs | Facebook

The Board of Trustees’ Budget and Audit Committee will be meeting on Thursday, April 8 at 11am.

Link to the board meeting and instructions on signing up for the public comment: Sign up to speak at public comment

Everyone is encouraged to speak during the public comment to let the committee know that you are opposed to the layoffs and
program cuts.

Thursday, April 8

6. Thursday, 1:00pm, Honoring Revolutionary Poverty Skola Shero Ancestors

On/Off facebook

The Ancestor Forest at Homefulness-honors 3 powerFULL Revolutionary Poverty /Disability Shero Ancestors with a humble a tree planting and prayer bringing ceremony

Kiilu Nyasha, is a revolutionary journalist, Black Panther, Organizer, Poverty /Disability Skola and Mentor to POOR Magazine who transitioned on her spirit journey April 18, 2018

Barbara Brust, is a Poverty /Disability Skola, warrior shero in the Come-Unity and founder of Consider the Homeless in Berkeley, transitioned on her spirit journey Feb 21, 2021

Geraldine Ambrose, a domestic worker, a gentrifUKation victim, poverty disability skola, mama of 3 and grandmomma of so many, who cleaned the toilets and washed the clothes of wealth-hoarders in SF only to be evicted from her home of 40 years to homelessness in Sacramento

Join us in a humble prayer and tree-planting ceremony for these warrior ancestors at the sacred Ohlone/Lisjan land us landless, houseless, indigenous peoples call #Homefulness

Host: POOR Magazine

Info: (1) Honoring Revolutionary Poverty Skola Shero Ancestors | Facebook

7. Thursday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, “Build Bridges, Not Walls”: New Book Talk w / Journalist & Activist Todd Miller

Free – online

Register: Todd Miller in conversation with Nick Estes Tickets, Thu, Apr 8, 2021 at 6:00 PM | Eventbrite

In personal stories from twenty years of activism and reporting, an award-winning journalist calls on readers to imagine a world without borders.

Todd Miller has been reporting from international border zones for over twenty-five years. In Build Bridges, Not Walls, he invites readers to join him on a journey that begins with the most basic of questions: What happens to our collective humanity when the impulse to help one another is criminalized?

A series of encounters—with climate refugees, members of indigenous communities, border authorities, scholars, visionaries, and the shape-shifting imagination of his four-year-old son—provokes reflections on the ways in which nation-states create the very problems that drive immigration, and how the abolition of borders could make the world a more sustainable, habitable place for all.

Is it possible to create a borderless world? How could it emerge, and how might it be better equipped to solve the global emergencies threatening our collective survival? Build Bridges, Not Walls is an inspiring, impassioned call to envision—and work toward—a bold new reality.

Host: City Lights Booksellers

Info: “Build Bridges, Not Walls”: New Book Talk w/ Journalist & Activist Todd Miller : Indybay

Friday, April 9

8. Friday, 10:00am – 12Noon, Wells Fargo: Protect Future Generations Defund Line 4 & Fossil Fuels!

Wells Fargo World Headquarters
420 Montgomery St. (between California & Sacramento Sts)
San Francisco

10:00am – 12:Noon – Street Mural & Music

12:30pm – March to Black Rock

STREET MURAL ACTION: Help paint a giant street mural as community groups will paint circle murals of solutions

PROTECT NEXT GENERATIONS SIGN PROJECT: Rows of (distanced) people vigiling will line the street, holding signs with the faces of the next generation in their lives (kids, grand kids, nieces/nephews, siblings, relatives, friends, yourself…). Bring a photo of a young person/s in your life (8 12/x11 landscape/horizontal format) and we will have screen printed DEFUND LINE 3 & FOSSIL FUELS/PROTECT FUTURE GENERATIONS posters (and tape/glue to attach it).

MARCH TO BLACKROCK: BlackRock owns a big part of Wells–and must vote fire Wells Board Chair if they are to walk their climate talk.

WELLS FARGO: Wells Fargo has been the world’s third largest financier of fossil fuels over the last five years, with $223 billion in lending and underwriting over 2016-20. It is the world’s leading funder of fracked oil and gas.We Call on all Wells shareholders to Fire Board Chairman Charles Noski; Help us urge city, county, state state pensions and retirement funds, endowments of universities and cultural institutions, foundations, etc to protect future generations by voting Noski out.

#DEFUNDLINE3: Because Stopping This Pipeline is a Matter of Justice

“The fight to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline is about justice for the land. It’s about justice for the water. Justice for Anishinaabe people whose culture and way of life it threatens. Justice for people all over the world who are being impacted by the climate crisis.

Hosts: East Point Peace Academy, DIRT, Extinction Rebellion SF Bay Area, Idle No More SF Bay, 1000 Grandmothers Bay Area


9. Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Shut Down the Police Officers Association

SF Police Officers Association
800 Bryant St. (at 6th St.)

Wear masks; social distancing

RESIST with Mothers on the March, Black and Brown for Justice, Peace and Equality, Family’s who loved ones have been killed by SFPD, and Community

   – Demand the San Francisco Police Officers Association be Shut Down!

   – The SF Police Officers Association Be Declared a Non Grata Organization

   – Demand the Police Officers Bill of Rights be Abolished.

   – Jail Killer Cops – we want killer cops to be charged with murder.

   – Abolish the Police

Saturday, April 10

10. Saturday, 10:30am – 2:00pm, March on Golden Gate Bridge (Support of Farmers in India)

Meet Location: Crissy Field – 1989 Long Ave. San Francisco, California 94129

Where to park:
Main Parking (Lot 8): West Bluff Picnic Area
Overflow Parking (Lot 9): Fort Point
Senior/Handicap Parking (Lot 6): Welcome Center

•Starting point for the march will be at West Bluff Picnic Area
•March will begin promptly at 11:15am, come early to find parking
•Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes (anticipate windy conditions)

•Mask & social distancing are mandatory at all times
•Public restrooms available at all lots

Please join us for an iconic march on the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in solidarity with the Indian Farmers. Farmers have been on the borders leading into Delhi for over 120+ days. With over 300+ deaths so far, the Indian government has yet to acknowledge the injustice towards its own citizens. The purpose of this march is to raise awareness for the farmers as they protest to have the 3 new farm bills repealed.

For any questions or concerns please email us at

#nofarmersnofood #farmersprotest #sanfrancisco #bayarea #goldengatebridge 


11. Saturday, 1:00pm – 3:00p, Public Safety in the Mission

Mission Dolores Park
19th & Dolores Streets

RSVP here:

*ASL interpretation available upon request.*

(This event is for our neighbors in the Mission, but all are welcome.)

Join us on Saturday for a community rally to discuss how to achieve public safety for all, without police! Meet several organizations from our neighborhood, hear about their work, and learn how to continue these conversations about defunding the police with our friends and neighbors.

 We’ll also have take-what-you-need supplies (clothing, menstrual items, etc.) available!

Host: Defund SFPD Now

Info: (4) Public Safety in the Mission | Facebook

Sunday, April 11

12. Sunday, 1:00pm, March to Save CCSF (Student led)

10:00am – 11:30am – morning ZOOM component

  RSVP for the Zoom!

1:00pm Meet at:

24th & Mission Sts.

WE’RE MARCHING. From 24th & Mission BART to Dolores Park. March will be livestreamed via Instagram

We want to KEEP our faculty and staff, ALONGSIDE:

 ETHNIC STUDIES: African American Studies will get cut by 33%; Philippine Studies Department, the ONLY department in the nation, may close.
 IMMIGRANT & INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: ESL classes are getting slashed, potentially losing up to 53% of faculty.
 LGBT STUDIES: if this faculty gets laid off, certain classes will get cut affecting programs & the #SexualHealthEducatorCertificate.
 DISABILITY RIGHTS: Students with disabilities, and DSPS staff/faculty are outraged that the #DSPS program may get cut by 40%!!
ENDING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND ALL GENDERS: Our ONLY self defense class got cut, our Women’s and Gender Studies
faculty got pink slips with classes and programs like Project SURVIVE
 HEALTH EDUCATION: during this pandemic, nursing & child development students want to protect their education!

Host:   CCSF Collective and PUSO CCSF

Info: (2) March to Save CCSF! | Facebook

13. Sunday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, SF Rally – Stop the Nukes and Japan Olympics

In person

San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St. (nr. California St.)

Masks / physical distancing

Despite a world pandemic including in Japan, the Suga Japanese government is going ahead with the Olympics which will also be held in radioactive contaminated Fukushima.

The Japanese government is also proposing to dump over a million tons of radioactive water into the Pacifica because the melted nuclear rods in the broken reactors continue to leak and must be cooled by water.

Nuclear clean-up workers including workers from overseas and other workers continue to get contaminated with no proper health and safety education and tens of thousands of bags of radioactive waste continue to remain scattered throughout the prefecture with no place to go.  The government is also seeking to spread the contaminated waste throughout Japan in road construction and other projects.

The criminal negligence of having the Olympics under these circumstances with a full blown pandemic and a three leaking nuclear reactors is a sign of insanity and a danger to not only  Japan but the world. 

No Nukes Action asks you to join us to demand the cancellation of the Olympics, the halt to re-opening Japan’s  nuclear plants and defense of the Fukushima people. We oppose as well the militarization of Asia including the development of the new Haneko base in Okinawa. The residents continued to be terrorized by US military jets and helicopters. The US is even training with these aircraft in the center of Tokyo despite the great dangers.

Info: SF Rally At Japan Consulate: Stop The Nukes & Japan Olympics : Indybay

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