The Blue Lamp Remembered ft. Rachel Kushner @ Tenderloin Museum Online

Tenderloin Museum Tenderloin Museum presents a virtual celebration of The Blue Lamp, a long gone but beloved working class bar and storied local music venue on the northern border of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Inspired by the recent publication of “The Hard Crowd”–Kushner’s evocative essay that remembers the Blue Lamp and its denizens–Tenderloin Museum gathered interviews, archival photos, and ephemera in an attempt to memorialize the history of an overlooked Tenderloin institution, a refuge for both Tenderloin locals and a wide range of musicians who found a place in the rough and ready but ultimately accepting glow of The Blue Lamp. Featuring interviews with: Rachel Kushner – celebrated novelist, author of “The Hard Crowd: Essays 2000 – 2020” and former Blue Lamp bartender & booking manager Ramona Downey – co-founder of independent SF music venue Bottom of the Hill, and former Blue Lamp booking manager & bartender Kathleen Owen – co-founder of independent SF music venueBottom of the Hill, and former Blue Lamp bartender Ginger Coyote – publisher of Punk Globe and ringleader of the White Trash Debutantes Mr. Lucky – lounge singer, bandleader of The Cocktail Party, and private investigator Michael Joffe – guitarist in The Good Feeling Band, private investigator plus a special performance & interview by SF jazz legends Lavay Smith & Chris Siebert! Photography thanks to Dave Glass, Michael Joffe, & Kathrin Miller. White Trash Debutantes @ The Blue Lamp flyers thanks to Leslie Michel. *originally streamed on May 6, 2021*

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