The Red Pill Media May 30, 2022 What first seemed like praise quickly turned uncomfortable for the NRA boss. National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre was trolled right to his face at the gun group’s convention in Houston as some of his biggest supporters looked on. Not everyone caught what was happening in the stunt by the Good Liars, known as progressive pranksters Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler. Selvig got a speaking slot at the NRA members meeting on Saturday, where members can speak for and against various issues facing the lobbying group. At first, Selvig appeared to launch into a defense of LaPierre, whose leadership has been plagued by spending scandals. It soon got very uncomfortable for LaPierre, as Selvig rattled off a lengthy list of mass shootings, then mockingly praised him for offering “thoughts and prayers” for each. Not everyone caught the sarcasm. When Selvig finished speaking, many in the room applauded. LaPierre has come under increasing criticism, and not just from those who oppose the NRA’s agenda. Former chief of staff Joshua Smith said in 2020 that the organization under LaPierre’s leadership is “rife with fraud and corruption.”

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