Call your Senator on Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson

After watching the hearing, I am even more convinced that Tillerson has no place in government, let alone as Secty. of State. Also, it is down to one more Republican turning their vote away from Tillerson in addition to Rubio, who has declared his opposition. This will ensure his defeat, provided all democrats vote against confirming him. We are very close to defeating his nomination! Please Make the Call.
–Ruthie Sakheim

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Senate hearings on Rex Tillerson start today. Call to tell your senator to oppose putting an oil CEO in charge of our foreign policy.
Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon
Call 1-888-430-7789 or
TILLERSON to 69866

to call your senator now. Tell them to say no to Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.


Only Donald Trump would put an oil CEO in charge of his foreign policy.
But we’re fighting back– with over 67,000 emails into your senators since December and 2,000 phone calls just this week, we’re making it harder and harder for Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to get confirmed as Secretary of State.
Now it’s time for you to add your voice. Call your senator now by dialing 1-888-430-7789 or text TILLERSON to 69866 to be connected to their office. You’ll hear a short recorded message, then be connected to one of your senators’ offices. If you’d like to contact your other senator, just dial in again.
When you reach their office, tell them the following:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Please vote against Rex Tillerson’s nomination for Secretary of State.
  • As CEO of Exxon, it will be impossible for him to act without major conflicts of interest.
  • Given his close ties to Russia and Exxon’s history of doing business with state sponsors of terrorism despite US sanctions, Tillerson is uniquely unqualified to be the face of US foreign policy.
Your call could not come at a better time. With breaking news about Tillerson and Exxon doing business with Syria, Iran, and other state sponsors of terrorism, you can help bolster wavering senators who might want to just confirm Trump’s nominees and move on, or push senators of conscience to do the right thing and not let an oil CEO be the face of America to the world.
Call 1-888-430-7789 or text TILLERSON to 69866 now and make your voice heard!
Thanks for everything you do to protect our environment,
Lena Moffit
Sierra Club
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