Impeach Trump campaign by Tom Steyer: It’s the battle of the billiionaires!

Tom Steyer
Published on Nov 5, 2017

Almost 2 million people have signed onto our petition to impeach Trump, our momentum is growing!
Sign on now:…

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One Response to Impeach Trump campaign by Tom Steyer: It’s the battle of the billiionaires!

  1. TJ Hughes says:

    Mr. Sawyer is NUTS. I have not heard one thing “Why Trump should be impeached” I see it is a financial wiz and has made alot of money by gambling people’s money in the stock market. I might listen to him if he built a product or a manufacturing company that employed 1000’s of people, but he hasn’t made a logical reason to impeach Trump. You are part of the problem – fake news – 2million people – let us see 2M/340M = 1% OF THE USA POPULATION. This is not an overwhelming number.

    If your people don’t like Trump I can accept your opinion, but to waste money to get a president impeached – spend your money to find a cure for Cancer – something that is worth it for the human race.

    But it is your money and you can do what you want with it – that is why the USA is great again. You are such a liberal and one that hate someone who appeals to many middle-class people who work for a living. Go spend your money on something that really matters. A Cure for Cancer- I could get behind you on that effort, but I think you are barking just to get attention. PS I read the details on your web site saying you will be tracking all of my data- stealing information – for what reason – to make money for yourself for sure – I forbid you to collect any of my information and use it for your financial benefit.

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