Jeff Sessions addresses POA on California vs. FEDS on immigration policies // protests

Jeff Sessions addresses POA on CA immigration policies:

12:38 Province of Feds
13:28 CA wants open borders
14:42 CA, we have a problem; mayor of Oakland; flout the law, validate illegality
16:00 ICE failed to make 800 arrests (bec of State interference); Mayor Libby Schaff, here’s my message…
17:45 CA won’t let ICE inspect workplaces
20:00 CA challenges FED law re detainees
21:18 Dept. filed suit against the State of CA: Stop actively obstructing Fed Law Enforcement
23:55 Ca frustrating Fed Law Enforcement

Jerry Brown responds to Jeff Sessions, A.G. Becerra joins in:

1:16 Build bridges, not walls
2:20 Transparency, integrity to protect people of CA
3:41 Becerra
5:15 We looked at Sessions’ lawsuit. Our State laws provide for safety and welfare of all of our people
16:24 Fear
18:45 The circus Sessions has brought to Sacramento
19:15 We’re not trying to get into their business; they’re trying to get into ours.
Supreme Court will tell us what the rules are.
23:25 A very aggressive act on the part of the Trump Administration.
24:22 There are millions of innocent people here, many of them doing the dirty work, crops, etc.
FEDs initiating a rein of terror.

Protests against Sessions and lawsuit:

(Submitted by Ruthie Sakheim.)

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