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Please hold  Clark Sullivan  and  Mike Zint  in your thoughts. Both remain hospitalized in the East Bay and need your positive and healing thoughts.

Mike remains on a respirator, his sister is flying in tonight.

Clark is at:

 Kindred Hospital San Francisco Bay Area

 2800 Benedict Dr.

 San Leandro

NOT back posting on a regular basis

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    Thank you to all who are – See Indybay for other events.

ACCESSIBILITY: Please include Accessibility Information on events! 


A. John Cowell invokes aliens as he takes stand in Nia Wilson BART murder trial – February 11, 2020

  See event # 3

B. Appeals court halts deportation of child with head injury – February 11, 2020 r

   Thank you to all who signed the petition!

C. Julian Assange Wins 2020 Gary Webb Freedom of the Press Award – February 10, 2020

D. Man shot by off-duty FBI agent in Haight is local street musician – February 10, 2020

Message from his Aunt:

   “My 24 year old nephew Tad Crane was shot by an off duty Federal Agent 2 nights ago. He’s lying in a hospital in SF. His dad was denied a visit to check on his welfare. Multiple gun shot wounds to the chest and stomach, one report says. If he is the victim, why are they holding him only on past warrants and not releasing the identity of the agent who is the perpetrator and shooter, or the details of the shooting? I have a few ideas of why… Oakland police beat and severely injured him years ago as well. Anyone seeing a pattern here?”

E. US Gov’t Attempts to Railroad Venezuelan Embassy Protectors – February 7, 2020 (Video)


1. Free Chelsea Manning Now  (New petition)

2. Tell the 2020 Democratic Candidates: Progressives don’t let progressives go to AIPAC

3. Don’t Let Congress Kill Encryption

4. Stop Deforestation This Valentine’s Day


PENDING EXECUTION PETITIONS Click on the name to get to petition:


February 20: Nicholas Sutton in Tennessee

March 5: Nathaniel Woods in Alabama

March 11: Carlos Trevino in Texas


Wednesday, 2/12 – Monday 2/17

 Posted  are updated events for Wed. & Thurs. NOT reposting events that went out a few days ago

Wednesday, February 12


1. Wednesday, 1:30pm, Request for Courtroom Accompaniment for Fernando  (NEW EVENT)

100 Montgomery St., Courtroom 15
 (Judge Nicholas Ford)

1:30pm – meet outside

2:00pm – Court begins

From Lourdes Barraza (wife of Fernando)

“Again, we find ourselves having to face the unimaginable; the fact that our family may be separated at the hands of this administration. Many of you have been following our family’s ordeal since my husband Fernando Carrillo was detained in October, 2017. After spending 6 months in immigration detention, Fernando was released, thanks to you all who fought alongside our family to bring him home. Although we thought at that time, after receiving confirmation from the government, that everything would be ok, here we are 2 1/2 years later still fighting for Fernando to be able to stay in this country with his family.”



2. Wednesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Queer Koreans & #MeToo: A reportback from Seoul & beyond  (Event postponed till March)

Rockwood Leadership Institute
1212 Broadway

will make sure that the venue is ADA-accessible and low-fragrance. More access information to come shortly.

In 2018, KACEDA ( published a national report on queer Korean Americans and experiences of domestic/sexual violence. Since then, we have facilitated workshops on identifying abuse and supporting survivors in our communities in Seoul, Oakland, Los Angeles, and New York City. In Korea, we were able to spend extended time with organizer friends to exchange ideas, stories, resources, and strategies, and are excited to share some of these back with our community in Oakland.

Come join Stacy and Hyejin in discussing lessons learned and ways forward. We will share stories and observations from the different cities and collectives we were able to build with, with a special focus on how queer Korean organizers in Seoul are thinking about and addressing rape and partner abuse in their formations.


Thursday, February 13

3. Thursday, 8:30am. Court Support for NIa Wilson’s Family in BART murder trial (NEW POSTING)

Alameda County Superior Court
1225 Fallon St.., 7th Floor, Dept. 12

Upcoming scheduled court dates:

  2/18 – Tuesday

  2/19 – Wednesday

  2/20 – Thursday

  2/24 – Monday

  2/25 – Tuesday

Arrive by 8:30am – no costumes, shirts with Nia’s face allowed


4. Thursday, 9:00am, Charges are pending for Moms4Housing & the supporters who were arrested

Rene Davidson Court House
1225 Fallon St.

Charges are pending for the Moms and the 2 supporters who were arrested with them.

Please come out to support.

5. Thursday, 9:45am- 11:45am, Assemblymember Ting Host Budget Hearing on Homelessness

Milton Marks Auditorium, State Building
455 Golden Gate Ave.

Assemblymember Ting and the California State Assembly Budget Subcommittee 6 present a Hearing on Homelessness.

More must be done to address the humanitarian crisis that homelessness presents. We need an evidence based approach.

Hear how state funding has been used and what works and what more needs to be done


Friday, February 14

6. Friday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Compassion Has No Walls Vigil

630 Sansome St.

Join us this month as we stand with those directly impacted by unjust systems: mass incarceration, U.S. immigration systems and laws, and aspects of U.S. foreign policy that damage people’s lives. Together we will respond to inspire and be inspired, sing and pray, support and be supported, and honor all of humanity.

In February, our co-hosts are the Japanese American Religious Federation, the Bay Area Day of Remembrance Organizing Committee and Tsuru for Solidarity. We are honoring the Day of Remembrance on February 19, 1942 when Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 which lead to the detention of 120,000 Japanese Americans throughout the West Coast. We remember these stories to call for the end of family separation and detention around the country today.


7. Friday, 12Noon – 2:00pm, Protest the San Francisco Police Officers Association  – Weekly protest.

San Francisco Police Officers Association
800 Bryant  @ 6th Street (outside)

Mothers on the March Against Police Murders and Black and Brown for Justice, Peace and Equality

    ‘Declare the Police Officers Association a Non Grata Organization’

    ‘Jail Killer Cops!’

The Police Officers Association claims to be a union, in reality it is an organization that is based on racism, white supremacy and Nazi ideology. It protects police officers that come into our communities to terrorize and murder our black and brown brothers and sisters.

We demand that the San Francisco Police Officers Association be shut down!

All are welcomed to stand with us even if you can only make it for a few minutes

8. Friday, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Coronavirus & Anti-China Racism

2969 Mission St.

$3-10 donation, no one turned away.
Refreshments provided. Wheelchair accessible.

While the Chinese government has taken extraordinary steps to control and stop the spread of the new Coronavirus, anti-Chinese racism is being spread through social and mainstream media. The promotion of anti-Chinese bigotry fits in with the government/corporate media campaign aimed at demonizing China, which is viewed by U.S. rulers as their main obstacle to global domination.

Plus – U.S. Democracy: Myths and Realities
What do the Iowa caucuses, the primary election process, and Trump’s State of the Union address tell us about the real state of “democracy” in the United States? Join us for presentations and discussion.

Info:  or

9. Friday, 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Escape from L.A. (A Poetry Reading)

Revolution Books – Berkeley
2444 Durant Ave.

Three radical poets from L.A.are coming to the Bay Area and Revolution Books Berkeley is our first stop! We’re going to read poems made of fire, and will be promoting Matt Sedillo’s latest collection, Mowing Leaves of Grass; Nikolai Garcia’s first chapbook, Nuclear Shadows of Palm Trees, and Dryland, a literary journal born in South Central L.A., published and edited by Viva Padilla. Come out and hear us, and say hello.

See site for bios!

Info:  or

Saturday, February 15

10. Saturday, 2:30pm – 5:00pm, Black-Palestinian Solidarities: Pedagogical Implications

518 Valencia St.

Please join AMED Studies Open Classrooms at two roundtable discussions in honor of Black History Month on Saturday, February 15th (2:30-5pm) at 518 Valencia, and Wednesday, February 26, 12:30-1:45pm, at San Francisco State University.

Confirmed speakers include:
* Frances M. Beal, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and Third World Women’s Alliance
* Nesbit Crutchfield, SFSU Black Student Union and Third World Liberation Front
* Emory Douglas, Former Minister of Information, Black Panthers Party
* Phil Hutchins, Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
* Terry Collins, SFSU Black Student Union and Third World Liberation Front.

February 15th roundtable at Freedom Archives will be moderated by Rabab Abdulhadi, Director and Senior Scholar, AMED Studies, SFSU

February 26th roundtable at San Francisco State University will be moderated by Jamal Dajani, AMED Studies Lecturer and Arab Talk Radio host.

Inspired by the Spirit of ’68 and the long history of anti-racist, anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist struggles, these AMED open classrooms/roundtable discussions will launch the next phase of Teaching Palestine:Pedagogical Praxis and the Indivisibility of Justice.

Teaching Palestine: Pedagogical Praxis and the Indivisibility of Justice (a) reflects our commitment to justice-centered knowledge production by digging deeper into the past, asking questions that might not seem intuitive or comfortable, and bringing histories of seemingly disparate struggles into the same historical imaginary; (b) preserves narratives at the risk of deliberate erasure by maintaining our praxis of compiling oral histories and archival records of comparative histories; (c) carves out spaces for intergenerational conversations that pass on elders’ legacies of the past to the leaders of today; and (d) models best practices in university-community partnerships in SFBA, the US, Palestine and elsewhere that are transparent, accountable and respectfully reciprocal (irrespective of coercion, intimidation or bullying.

Accordingly, these two Teaching Palestine roundtables will feature Black leaders who have been part of significant historical moments in Black Palestinian solidarities:

1. The 1970 New York Times Statement expressing solidarity with Palestine and a clear anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist perspective that parted ways with Black support for Zionism and Israel.

2. The 60th anniversary of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) that was falsely accused of anti-Semitism following its statement on Palestine. its 60th anniversary.

3. The 1968-69 SFSU Student Strike, led by the Black Student Union (BSU) and the Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) with insistence on that demanded relevant, public and accountable education, including a school for Third world studies, and exhibited staunch opposition to imperialism and Zionism

4. The 2016 US Prisoner Solidarity, Academic and Labor Delegation to Palestine during which former US prisoners and members of the Black Panthers Party met with Palestinian freed prisoners and leaders of the Afro-Palestinian community in the old city of Jerusalem.

5. The Defense of California Ethnic Studies Curriculum and AMED Studies against Zionist and right wing attacks.

Host: AMED Studies at SFSU


11. Saturday, 3:00pm – 7:00pm, Anakbayan East Bay Presents: Kamayan + Kapwa

Buena Vista United Methodist Church
2311 Buena Vista Ave.

Doors open at 2:30, Meal at 3:30 PM.
$20-$50 Sliding Scale.

In order to RSVP ahead of time, please venmo @anakbayaneastbay “Kamayan Fundraiser” with your first and last name, and fill out the following form:

Proceeds will go towards Anakbayan East Bay, Taal Volcano Relief. Part of the proceeds will also go towards Moms4Housing in Oakland.

Anakbayan East Bay is hosting a Kamayan and Kapwa fundraiser. A Kamayan is a traditional filipino communal feast eaten by hand. This feast is a demonstration of the filipino value, Kapwa, a recognition of love, solidarity and fellowship.

Please join us for a meal, live performances, conversation, an open mic, political updates, and karaoke!


Sunday, February 16

12. Sunday, 7:00am – 12Noon, Feed the Hood 14: Bag Lunch and Hygiene Kit Distribution

East Oakland Youth Development Center
8200 International Blvd.

Tax deductible DONATIONS:

**Event is family friendly (kids of all ages welcome to attend with their parent(s) or guardian).
**Coffee/tea and continental breakfast will be served for volunteers.
**Venue is wheelchair accessible.

Join us for another opportunity to Feed the Hood– giving back to our unhoused brothers and sisters across Oakland by preparing and distributing 3,000 bag lunches and hygiene kits. This Feed the Hood is in partnership with Black Joy Parade and sponsored by Abbott.


7 AM: Volunteers arrive. Volunteer breakfast.
7 AM – 9 AM: Prepare bag lunches and hygiene kits
9 AM – 9:30 AM: Instructions
9:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Load caravans
9:30 AM – 12 NOON: Caravans head out to distribute bag lunches and hygiene kits across all of Oakland.


13. Sunday, 9:30am – 11:00am, Harvey Wasserman speaking on nukes and elections

Unitarian Universalist Sunday Forum
1187 Franklin (@ Geary Blvd.)

On Nukes: Harvey Wasserman will discuss strategies for shutting the two commercial reactors at Diablo Canyon. He documents that PG&E is operating Diablo at a loss of more than $1 billion/year in over-market charges to customers & ex-customers. The realities of a disaster-in-progress are with us, and must be dealt with asap (in prep for this talk, you might consider watching the 5-part HBO series on Chernobyl).

On Elections: The complex realities of election theft in California and the nation: Illicit manipulations of the electoral system. Stripped voter registration rolls flipped electronic vote counts and the slave-remnant Electoral College that could put Trump in the White House for another term — an outcome that threatens democracy and human survival.


14. Sunday, 1:00pm – 4:00pm, Revolutionary Upsurges Rock Latin America

New Valencia Hall
747 Polk St. (nr. Ellis)

From Haitian protests against a corrupt president to mass mobilizations against the wealth gap in Chile, Latin Americans are in revolt.

As part of a monthly FSP Bay Area branch meeting, join the discussion and hear related reports on FSP’s joint work with Latin American socialist feminists.

Host: Freedom Socialist Party & New Valencia Hall


Monday, February 17

Pinocchio Day

(referring to the current president)

15. Monday, 10:00am – 11:30am, Wake the ZUCK Up (at his house)

Gather at

21st St. & Dolores


This Presidents Day, we will gather outside Mark Zuckerberg’s house near Dolores Park to let him know that we won’t be quiet in the face of his company undermining our democracy.

We are not sure what billionaires brunch on, but let’s give him some food for thought and a piece of our minds. It will be fun. We will be loud. And we will bring plenty of democracy bagels for everybody who shows up with a sign or a noisemaker.

Why? Zuckerberg’s San Francisco Bay Area technology company — Facebook — refuses to take responsibility for lies, hate, and disinformation spread on its platform. This irresponsibility is alarming — especially in light of the 2020 elections.

Facebook sells ads to U.S. politicians but imposes zero restrictions on lies and false claims and is happy to profit from micro-targeted advertising that’s being used to misinform, manipulate and incite hatred among vulnerable voters.

Facebook should recognize it has created a monster and stop politicians from being able to “buy and lie” in their campaign advertising in 2020. But don’t expect Facebook to let go of so much lucrative attention and influence without a fight. We are ready to fight and to wake the Zuck up!

Hosts: Global Exchange, Media Alliance, Indivisible SF Peninsula and CA-14, Raging Granny Action League, and the crew at Don’t Let Facebook ZUCK UP Our Democracy.


16. Monday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Healing Justice Training and General meeting

1220 Georgia St.

The Healing Justice Campaign is an initiative run by grassroots organization Dignity and Power Now in conjunction with Justice Teams Network.
Dignity and Power Now is an LA based grassroots organization aimed at preserving the dignity of incarcerated prisoners, their families and affected communities.

The Healing Justice work at Dignity and Power Now provides assistance to those affected by trauma as a result of state law enforcement. The program functions through a series of organized meetups offering healing assistance in different forms such as therapy, reiki and massage.

Hosts: Justice Coalition of Vallejo, Justice Teams Network, AP-TP, Vallejo Housing Justice Coalition


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