Apartment Sessions Join our mailing list:… “if your time to you is worth savin’, the you’d better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times, they are a-changin’” We may do this on a regular basis, essentially an Apartment Sessions residency outside trump tower, same place, same song. We see this as our duty as artists, to strengthen community in fearful times. Would y’all show up when you can? @Apartment Sessions — trump tower – The Times, They Are a-Changin’ Words and Music by Bob Dylan Special Thanks to NYPD Officers Maldonado and Stapleton Video – Liz Maney Camera 2 – Eric Tortora Pato Sound – Evan Tyor Performed by the Apartment Sessions Family and passersby S.P. Monahan, Georgia Sackler, Song Yi Jeon, Ethan Crystal, RJ Vaillancourt, Josh Plotner, Ally Jenkins, Kaitlyn Raitz, Jessica McIlquham, Rob Taylor, Jake Ohlbaum, Daniel Emond, Allie Dobyns, Lauren Stamm, Chloe Solomon, Chuck Waterfield, Dane Scozzari, Will Leet, Meg Halcovage, Cynthia Meng, Robyn Carter, Martin Palms, Shoshana Seid-Green, Ella Mora, Shubh Saran, and Eleanor Konrad. Let us know who we missed! Create, Love, and #resist

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