Susan Sarandon endorses Shahid Buttar

It shocks no one to say that Nancy Pelosi is not working people’s best friend. Her total disregard for our lives and livelihood during this pandemic, though, has hit a new low even for her.

In March, she openly opposed direct payments to Americans. After Republicans backed this popular idea, she had to join them in supporting it.  But given progressives’ $2,000 monthly Universal Basic Income plan and Trump’s $1,200 one-time check, she chose the latter without putting up a single fight.

I don’t know what Nancy thinks $1,200 would cover. As the 3rd richest member of Congress, maybe she doesn’t understand the reality facing working people–or maybe she just doesn’t care.

After 4 rounds of legislation, Nancy also outrageously did NOTHING to protect renters, homeowners, or unhoused folks. Be it free COVID treatment, cancelling student debts, bringing Congress back to work…name any priorities for working people, Nancy threw up her hands and walked away.

The groups Nancy did make sure to take care of? Big corporations, the insurance industry, and lobbyists.

When we worked hard to flip the House in 2018, we were promised real progressive changes. Instead, Nancy has passed ALL of Trump’s rapidly increasing military budgets, extended the PATRIOT Act again and again to give Trump unconstitutional spying powers, funded Trump’s ICE and border camps, and supported Trump’s coup attempts in South America. All at the same time, she publicly attacked the Squad and mocked the Green New Deal as “the green dream, or whatever.”

This pandemic has made it absolutely clear that Nancy not only doesn’t know how to wield her immense power to fight for working people, but she also isn’t interested in fighting for working people, PERIOD.

That’s why we must elect Shahid to Congress to replace her.

Though I don’t have the pleasure of living in San Francisco, what happens in this election has ramifications for me and my family.  Social, racial, housing & environmental justice policy impacts all of us and that’s why I support Shahid Buttar, a man who’s record shows that he will make the necessary change that our country so desperately needs. We literally cannot afford any more of Nancy’s let-them-fight-over-bread-crumbs politics – not when our planet is burning and a pandemic is threatening every single American’s safety and livelihood.

Please donate whatever you can afford. We need real change and bold leaders to fight for it, NOW.

💌 46 days remain 💌 Will you join me and chip in $12.00 today to make sure Shahid beats Nancy in November? If you have payment information saved with ActBlue, your contribution of $12 will go through immediately. Thanks for your support!

In Solidarity,

Susan Sarandon
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  1. Cynthia Papermaster says:

    Pelosi has to go. Shahid will give SF the compassionate representation it deserves. SF voters need to wake up. Pelosi is a corporate shill for the oligarchy.

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