“Americans can have better healthcare at lower cost” by Barry Hermanson

May 26, 2017 (sfbayview.com) The New York Health Act, which would create a state-run Medicare-style single-payer system, now has 30 cosponsors in the state Senate and is endorsed by 40 labor unions. “We’ve never been this close,” Assemblymember Richard Gottfried, D-Manhattan, the bill’s sponsor, said with high hopes. In other countries,… Continue reading

More on California single payer

Here’s a youtube video with the CNA response to Dayen done before Rose’s show: Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy for National Nurses United, joins Jimmy Dore to discuss how to best get single-payer passed in California. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here: https://tytnetwork.com/2017/07/06/agg… Here’s youtube video with Pollin’s… Continue reading

“Why universal basic income is gaining support, critics” by Kathleen Pender

The idea of government giving every person a universal basic income has been gaining traction thanks in part to endorsements from some Silicon Valley celebs. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and others want to explore the idea.   July 15, 2017 (sfchronicle.com) The idea of a universal… Continue reading

Your Call: What happened to California’s single payer healthcare bill?

Listen to the show:  Your Call: What happened to California’s single payer healthcare bill? By ROSE AGUILAR & SANA SALEEM • JUL 19, 2017 PHOTO COURTESY: HEALTHYCALIFORNIAACT.ORG In early June, the California Senate passed Senate Bill 562, the Healthy California Act, but it passed without details on how to pay for it. A few… Continue reading


THU, 7/20/2017 – BY JAKE JOHNSON (occupy.com) — THIS ARTICLE ORIGINALLY APPEARED ON COMMON DREAMS Following Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s concession on Monday night that Trumpcare is likely dead, progressive groups that played an integral role in rallying opposition to the legislation are now looking to go on the offensive. On Tuesday, dozens of organizations—including… Continue reading