San Francisco Counter Protests (from Ruthie Sakheim)

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Here are my photos of the counter protest at Alamo Sq. Park. Actually the cops cordoned off the entire park, so the protest was in the streets surrounding the park.  After gathering at Steiner and Fell, we marched around the block and rallied in an intersection for about an hour. Then folks marched to 24th & Mission.  I did not participate in that part of the action.  All my photos were taken near Alamo Square. My estimate of the crowd was 1500-2000.
Here are LA Times photos of the SF protests.  Some were taken at Crissy Field, where some rightwingers apparently showed up and were greeted by counter protesters, including, I’m told, about 100 members of ILWU.

Joey Gibson — whose Facebook profile indicates that he manages Patriot Prayer — said the news conference at Alamo Square Park was canceled and meet with reporters at an undisclosed location saying he feared Antifa alt-left demonstration would injure him and other members of his group.

Gibson spoke Saturday in a park in the small city of Pacifica, a suburb of San Francisco, after changing the location and format of the event several times.

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