Impeach Trump campaign by Tom Steyer: It’s the battle of the billiionaires!

Tom Steyer
Published on Nov 5, 2017

Almost 2 million people have signed onto our petition to impeach Trump, our momentum is growing!
Sign on now:…

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20 Responses to Impeach Trump campaign by Tom Steyer: It’s the battle of the billiionaires!

  1. Ann says:

    Our president yes the man in the White House has my vote again Remember us the the ones who don’t care what you libs think and we will make you cry again

  2. John Martinez says:

    All you Trump haters and Tom boy lovers can’t take the truth, Just Hate. Oh and your liberal beliefs can’t take the the truth .Trump will go down as one of the best if not THE BEST PRESIDENT we have ever had. Wake up low IQ Nobidies. You have nothing to offer.

  3. John Martinez says:

    So I wrote a reply to this clown liberal but You f heads didn’t post it, guess you can’t take criticism.

  4. John Martinez says:

    You claim President Donald Trump is a Liar and has done nothing. What are you smoking, and how many times have you and your daddy Obama spent in bathroom stall. Your the liar, and you you can never match what Trump has done, the best ECONOMY in Past 75 years. Your a typical Democrat, a looser with nothing to offer AMERICA. Just a liar and a joke. Trump will blow you away worse than the criminal Hillary. Bring it clown boy rich puss.

  5. Mary Weymouth says:

    Barack Obama was, hands down, the most IMPEACHABLE U.S. president of our lifetimes… Yes, more impeachable than Nixon (IRS anyone?), but being a Democrat, and being a Victim Class honoree, and being a media DARLING, allowed him to get away with his VERY HIGH crimes.
    The trophies of the bible has ans is comming true, and I support the wall being built because of so many diseases and our Nation can not support anymore people from Mexico.

  6. Jacqueline Owens says:

    Donald Trump our president is one the biggest con man in the world everything is about him nothing has about the United States of America or the people that live in it everything he do is about money the Bible says money is the root of all evil God Bless America

  7. Omana Philip says:

    The Democrats need to win more Senate seats and house seats in the next election and take over that leadership. Then get all facts to file the articles of Impeachment if this President won the election .
    The press should focus on finding out and talking about possible foreign interferences in the forthcoming election than having debates on covering all the idiotic nonsenses the President Tweets. Also stop having discussions about the President being a racist or not. What are they gaining out of it? Nothing. They make Trump feel happy by giving into him and giving such importance to his nonsensical utterances via tweet or otherwise. We are fed up of hearing it as “ Breaking News” and totally loosing interest to watch news.

  8. Lloyd Bila says:

    Fuck Trump and all of his supporters. Sucking Putin’s dick every chance he gets, selling out his own Intelligence agency and our country, firing FBI directors, Obstructionist, Treasonous ,Con-Man, Pussy payer, Just an Ugly mother-fucker. Impeach You Bitches!!!

  9. Dave Maurer says:

    Never a greater threat to America than Trump and. His mindless followers. As an Adolescent, my friends and I were convinced our country could never be defeated form the outside- only from within and today our greatest fear is embodied in Don the con.

  10. Frances. price says:

    There is a communist running our country! Destro democracy should be on his red hat’s. American s have never been in a worse position. And he has done NOTHING to improve our infrastructure.trump does not follow the laws of the land. The constitution. The bill of rights.IMPEACH NOW!

  11. Nola Pearson says:

    You need to go back to school. President Trump is not the most corrupt!

  12. riki espinoza says:

    are you still sucking your mamas tits grow up you punk. be a man with balls for once in your life.

  13. Dc says:

    Screw this javkass liberal piece of shit !
    You lost the election Get the hell over it like we all had to do with your liberal globeless Jack ass that destroyed America Obama I’m so sick of seeing your fuckup commercials on TV.
    Get over it snowflake Conservatives have been sitting back and just watching you idiots whining complaining if you’d open your dumb-ass eyes you would see everything is better going thing that’s not better is our president Donald Trump stands in your way of your globalist bullship agenda which involves taking America down screw you I pisse on you we stand ready to stand with our president don’t even push it you won’t like it. You liberal idiots have tried every single thing to overthrow a duly elected president you’ve tried everything you corrupt bastard’s there is no offense did he has done because he has done nothing he has done nothing but make America stronger for everybody secure our borders secure our nation’ And we need to rid America of you far left socialist bastard’s

  14. Joe fuckyourself says:

    Your a dick

  15. Terry says:

    Mr Steyer grad of Yale are you in the Elite Skull and Bones Club?

    That would explain who put you up to ridding the nation of their duly elected president. You can’t control him

  16. Kim Peterson says:

    Where does TJ Hughes get his info. Trump has done nothing to help anybody but his rich 1% friends, this guy is a joke. Please read and study from many different sources. Trump is only looking out for him self.

  17. Rob says:

    Never happen!!

  18. Leslie Paternoster says:

    Please if you love the planet impeach the idiot hates it. It is time to read between the lines it’s easy. Just watch him in action

  19. james kallunki says:

    If you want to defeat the republican senators and congressmen, please do this. Point out how much they have gotten from the health care industry, in campaign donations, then see how many people in their state died because of lack of insurance. Then you will see how much money each death is worth to the republicans.

  20. TJ Hughes says:

    Mr. Sawyer is NUTS. I have not heard one thing “Why Trump should be impeached” I see it is a financial wiz and has made alot of money by gambling people’s money in the stock market. I might listen to him if he built a product or a manufacturing company that employed 1000’s of people, but he hasn’t made a logical reason to impeach Trump. You are part of the problem – fake news – 2million people – let us see 2M/340M = 1% OF THE USA POPULATION. This is not an overwhelming number.

    If your people don’t like Trump I can accept your opinion, but to waste money to get a president impeached – spend your money to find a cure for Cancer – something that is worth it for the human race.

    But it is your money and you can do what you want with it – that is why the USA is great again. You are such a liberal and one that hate someone who appeals to many middle-class people who work for a living. Go spend your money on something that really matters. A Cure for Cancer- I could get behind you on that effort, but I think you are barking just to get attention. PS I read the details on your web site saying you will be tracking all of my data- stealing information – for what reason – to make money for yourself for sure – I forbid you to collect any of my information and use it for your financial benefit.

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