A new move to get corporate money out of state political campaigns

AB 20 would ban contributions from corporations to any candidate for state office in CA. ByTIM REDMOND APRIL 6, 2021 (48Hills.org) Efforts to get corporate money out of politics has moved another step forward with the introduction of a bill by Assemblymember Alex Lee that would ban corporate donations to candidates seeking state… Continue reading

‘It feels like SFUSD is falling apart’: Student calls out embattled school board in searing speech

Joshua Bote, SFGATE April 7, 2021 (SFGate.com) A San Francisco student made a stunning plea to the embattled city board of education during Tuesday’s Zoom meeting. Zoe Simotas, a senior at Lowell High School, introduces herself in a cheery voice before getting down to brass tacks. “I’m honestly here to just… Continue reading

Manchin’s Tax Move Could Protect Private Equity Donors

Manchin’s Tax Move Could Protect Private Equity Donors

The senator’s move to block Biden’s higher corporate tax rate could shield private equity firms whose executives boosted his campaign and bet big on Trump’s tax bill.  David Sirota and Andrew Perez April 6, 2021 (The Daily Poster) Photo credit: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images This report was written by David Sirota and Andrew Perez…. Continue reading


By Henry A. Giroux | April 6, 2021 (tikkun.org) Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1970-005-28 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons Einmarsch in das Sudetenland. Motorisierte deutsche Truppen in Saaz. German mechanized troops enter Saaz. The streets are decorated with swastika flags and banners. 9.10.1938 14.30 Uhr. Saaz. Sudetenland [Editor’s Note:… Continue reading


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A political cartoon by Joseph Keppler (Puck, 1877) depicts Roscoe Conkling as Mephistopheles, watching as Rutherford B. Hayes strolls off with the prize of the “Solid South” personified as a woman. The caption quotes Goethe’s Faust: “Unto that Power he doth belong Which only doeth Right while ever willing Wrong.” The Compromise of 1877 was an unwritten… Continue reading

Restaurant Chains Debunk Their Lobbyists’ Arguments Against A $15 Minimum Wage

Restaurant Chains Debunk Their Lobbyists’ Arguments Against A $15 Minimum Wage

While restaurant lobbyists tell lawmakers it’s the “wrong time” for a wage hike, companies they represent are telling investors they can afford to pay higher wages. Julia Rock and Andrew Perez April 5, 2021 (The Daily Poster) EDITOR’S NOTE: This Daily Poster report is being co-published with Newsweek. Photo credit: Erik McGregor/Getty Images This report… Continue reading

How Biden’s $2tn infrastructure plan seeks to achieve racial justice

Progressives have hailed the president’s ambitious plans to rebuild America – and some want bolder action still Republicans: Biden infrastructure plan is a partisan tax hike Lauren Gambino in Washington @laurenegambino Mon 5 Apr 2021 (theguardian.com) Joe Biden has said his $2tn plan to rebuild America’s “crumbling” roads, bridges, railways and other infrastructure… Continue reading


To Promote True Civic Virtue, Our System of Government Needs an Ethical Compass and to Actively Engage Citizens Painting by Philipp von Fotz depicting Pericles delivering his funeral oration in front of the Athenian Assembly. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. by JOHN R. WALLACH | SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 (zocalopublicsquare.org) Of all the political words that trip off our tongues yet bedevil understanding, one… Continue reading