JK Mini (9 items): Putin’s nuclear speech, text of UNSC ceasefire resolution, Mahmood OD, The Grayzone, Shahid Bolsen, Alexander Mckay, and more

From Janet Kobren


[Text of] Meeting with Foreign Ministry senior officials [includes Putin’s latest terms for a ceasefire and peace talks with Ukraine]

Source: President of Russia website

June 14, 2024


[Text of] UN Resolution 2735 (2024)

Adopted by the Security Council at its 9650th meeting, on 10 June 2024

Source: UN website

June 10, 2024

[Note from JK: This documentation of the U.S. “ceasefire” proposal approved by the UNSC was not publicly available until June 15 or yesterday. See Item#1 in my June 11 digest for more information.]


IDF General Who Predicted 7/10: “War With Hezbollah Is The Israeli State’s Holocaust” | Live +  [Length: 1:20:58]

Host: Mahmood OD | محمود عودة

June 16, 2024


Lethal Blow To Israel In Rafah | IOF Sp. / Israeli Media Prepare To End The War & Attack Lebanon [Length: 4:10]

Host: Mahmood OD | محمود عودة

June 15, 2024


Israel’s state terror strategy: Max Blumenthal and Ilan Pappe [Length: 1:13:45]

Host: The Grayzone

June 14, 2024


INTERVIEW: Gaza is the amputation capital of the world [Length: 15:14]

Host: George Galloway

June 14, 2024


Zeinab Shaath زينب شعث – The Urgent Call Of Palestine [Length: 4:18]

Reissued by: Majazz Project/Palestine مشروع مجازز

January 6, 2024


Two lanes, one destination [Length: 42 seconds] 

Shahid Bolsen/Middle Nation

June 15, 2024


Labourism Must Go [Length: 1:25:12]

Host: Alexander Mckay, Marx Engels Lenin Institute

June 14, 2024

[Note from JK: Could be titled “The Democratic Party Must Go”]

~ Janet

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