Post from “First They Came for the Homeless”

Everyone needs to read between the lines. They will coming to evict city hall. When? When they think they can get away with it. And, they are lying, just like during the poor tour. I was there Saturday and Sunday. It’s clean, orderly, and well behaved. There are individuals that are problems, but not the group. Remove the individuals like you said you would, or show yourselves to be the liars we expect you to be.

One of the topics of the forum will be the criteria under which the City decides that there is a health and safety violation that calls for disrupting an encampment. City staff initially found that the encampments (there is more than one) at Old City Hall didn’t rise to that standard. With the small fire that occurred at the corner of Allston and MLK, I am asking City staff again to re-evaluate the site.

–Mike Zint

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