SF Berniecrats endorse:

Superior Court Judges
Seat 4: Phoenix Streets
Seat 7: Maria Evangelista
Seat 9: No endorsement (Kwixuan Maloof got 59.25%, just shy of the 60% needed)
Seat 11: Niki Solis

Controller: No endorsement

State Treasurer: Vivek Viswanathan

Attorney General: Dave Jones

Insurance Commissioner: No Endorsement

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond

U.S. Senator: No Endorsement (David Hildebrand 45%, DeLeon 40%)

Community Housing Act: Endorse

Congress D12: The club voted not to have an additional endorsement vote for this race – 18 in favor of an extra vote, 14 against, but it required 2/3rds to pass.

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