“North Korea in Context” by John Laurits

For readers who missed my talk with Lauren Steiner on the history of the US-military presence in Korea on The Robust Opposition last month, I am posting the video below. After my recent post (North Korea Talks Are a Major Step But the Media Lies About Why) on US media’s blatant revision of the history behind North Korea’s nuclear program, Lauren invited me to appear on the show to help set the record straight. Also last month, co-hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan had me as a guest on Radio Sputnik’s Faultlines to discuss how US media distorts public perceptions by omitting important context and portraying the DPRK as ‘crazy’ and dangerous.

As Trump’s planned talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un grow near, it is crucial for the US public to understand the historical context of the Korean War, how and why Korea’s North and South regions were split, and the 70-year legacy of US imperialism on the Korean Peninsula. If you have 45 minutes or so, feel free to watch my interview with Lauren Steiner on The Robust Opposition below or at Lauren’s YouTube channel.

And finally, here’s 16 minutes or so of me on Radio Sputnik’s Faultlines or, if you dig the show, here’s a link to their full 3-hour program.  

In solidarity,
John Laurits

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