Supporting an East Oakland Family’s Right to Stay

March 29, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Debose Family Home
6521 Bancroft Ave
Oakland, CA 94605

As many of you know, the foreclosure crisis claimed over 12,000 homes throughout Oakland since 2006, wiping out generations of wealth built by predominantly people of color & paving the way for outside investors to purchase unprecedented numbers of properties, driving up rents and driving out families.Â


One of the latest victims of this type of economic violence and racist, predatory lending practices, was Dorothy Debose and her family.  Ms. Dorothy, now 76 years old, and the family moved into their home @ 6521 Bancroft Ave in the 1960’s, to one of the few neighborhoods in Oakland at the time where African Americans could actually buy a house.  Some 50 years later, amidst historic displacement, Ms. Dubose’s home was taken from her by Wells Fargo and sold to one of the largest investors in Alameda County, Community Fund LLC, owned by Michael Marr.


After a very questionable foreclosure process and aggressive behavior on behalf of the investor, Dorothy and her nephew, Omar Osiris, a long time organizer and participant in the movement, decided to take a stand.  The family has decided to not be another victim of displacement and wrongful or illegal behavior and began an occupation of the front portion of their family home last week.  Fellow members of ACCE Action supported the family’s right to remain in their home and are working alongside them to see to it they do not get pushed out.Â


On Wednesday, March 29th, @ 3pm, Ms. Dorothy, the family with the support of ACCE Action will be publicly launching this fight and they need your help.  Given the extremely aggressive nature of this particular investor, it is important to have their back and support them as much as possible.  We are calling on everyone who believes in long-term families’ right to stay to come out next Wednesday to 6521 Bancroft Ave. in East Oakland, support the family and be part of saying “no” to displacement and the type of race based, economic violence that has pushed so many families from their homes.Â


The family will be calling on allies, supporters and community  to help hold down this action in a number of different ways that we will inform folx about in the coming days.  In the meantime, please let us know if you can support the family this coming Wednesday.  If not, we ask that you sign up for the rapid response team, in the event of an eviction, or take a shift at the house, holding down this action.Â


In solidarity,

Omar, Anthony-on staff w/ ACCE & the family

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