Public Bank feasibility study money approved!


September 19, 2017

Berkeley Matches Oakland’s Request!

Tuesday September 12th, the Berkeley City Council voted by consent to provide the $25,000 that the City of Oakland requested to match their $75,000 toward funding a public bank feasibility study. The feasibility study is the first step toward establishing a public bank.

Tonight, September 19th, the Oakland City Council Meets. Fingers crossed that the Council will authorize the study.

There is more good news. The City of Richmond may later help fund this feasibility study, making this a three-city effort.


Public Bank feasibility study money approved

September 20, 2017

It only took about year after it was proposed for the City Council to
approve the money for a feasibility study, and they did it last night without debate and
unanimously. This after Berkeley coughed up $25K to fund a portion of the study (a bit more
than their per capita share would suggest, but close enough).

So hurray!

Now we will see what further roadblocks the City staff and City
Treasurer will throw in the way of actually signing the contract and getting the study underway…

–JP Massar

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