The Crisis At KPFA & The Pacifica Network:  “Making Sausage” Democracy & A National  Alternative Multi-Media Network

Published on Feb 19, 2018

The crisis at KPFA and Pacific including the possibility of bankruptcy was the focus of a forum on 32/18/18 in Berkeley. The forum also looked at the history of efforts to make Pacifica and the stations into an NPR type operation.Also presentations looked at the development of a multi-media platform using streaming video and the digitalization of the analogue channels at KPFA that could bring 2 additional stations for the use of KPFA and possible lease as a way of raising funding.

Finally the program reported on the effort at KPFA to manipulate an election to prevent any representation from the station on the PNB of representatives who would be opposed to the bankruptcy proposal being pushed by the CFO, Save KPFA and United For Community Radio UCR factions.

Speakers at the forum included:
Maria Gilardin, TUC Radio, Former KPFA LSB Member Who Was Banned From The Station
Frank Sterling, KPFA Apprentice Program & Full Circle
Jeff Blankfort, Founder of “Save KPFA” and Host of Host KZYX&Z Takes on The World 90.7, 91.5
Janet Kobren, KPFA LSB and former Pacific National Board Member
Steve Zeltzer, KPFA WorkWeek Radio and KPFA LSB Staff Representative
Pedro Reyes, KPFA Host of Settin The Standard and Late Night Hype………………
The forum was sponsored by BFUU and WorkWeek Radio.

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