‘Cowardly’: With Students Present, Florida GOP Votes Down Motion to Consider Assault Rifle Ban

February 21, 2018 by Common Dreams Clearly revealing their warped priorities, Republicans voted on the same day to declare porn a “public health risk.” by Jake Johnson, staff writer “Most people would probably be ashamed to basically kill a gun control bill with teenage survivors in the room with them,” wrote GQ’s Luke… Continue reading

San Francisco Launches High-Profile Public Bank Task Force

By STEVE DUBB | February 23, 2018 (nonprofitquarterly.org) February 19, 2018:  Next City “State and local governments hold around $458 billion in deposits, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, while state and local pensions hold $3.7 trillion in investments,” notes Oscar Perry Abello in Next City. Right now, these deposits are typically at the Big… Continue reading

Welcome to San Francisco. Would You Like to Make a Deposit?

A groundswell of interest in public banking has advocates pondering how city-owned banks could transform the way municipalities collect and spend their money. STORY BY Oscar Perry Abello PUBLISHED ON Feb 19, 2018 (nextcity.org) It’s no surprise that Malia Cohen worries about what local public dollars are doing. As a member of… Continue reading


  SAN FRANCISCO – (aifisf.com) Michael Smith, the Relocation-era Sioux man who founded the American Indian Film Institute and the American Indian Film Festival, passed away on Wed., Feb. 14, 2018 in San Francisco. He was 66. Growing up watching non-Natives play Natives, perpetuating stereotypes and disseminating inaccurate, often offensive portrayals of American Indians… Continue reading

The Crisis At KPFA & The Pacifica Network:  “Making Sausage” Democracy & A National  Alternative Multi-Media Network

laborvideo Published on Feb 19, 2018 The crisis at KPFA and Pacific including the possibility of bankruptcy was the focus of a forum on 32/18/18 in Berkeley. The forum also looked at the history of efforts to make Pacifica and the stations into an NPR type operation.Also presentations looked at… Continue reading