San Francisco 2.0 The Tech Giants

  • 1960’s The ouster of African-American families from the Fillmore

  • 1960-1970’s SF Redevelopment Agency’s money-driven displacement of thousands of low-income South of Market residents

  • 1960-1970’s The destruction of SROs and other affordable housing

  • 1980’s “Manhattanization”

  • 1990’s The dot com boom

Gavin Newsom:
“no, the tech companies aren’t even coming close to giving back enough”

Willy Brown:
“what happens to all of these young geniuses who are part of all these startups and obviously more than 90% of startups never go anywhere at some point the investors and all the people who provided the startup money will be gone and all these young people all of whom are talented gifted and what-have-you will be at a loss they’ll be in our city, will they become the next group of people we have to look out for? I am really concerned about that”

Robert Reich:
“San Francisco is a microcosm for what is happening all over the world. We have a tradition of helping one another, but as we separate by income and by place, as we segregate geographically by our incomes, as we loose contact across classes, can we maintain a sense of being one people? I’m worried about a city that is becoming out of reach and out of touch.”

Jerry Brown:

“that is the anomalous nature of this internet culture. It is creating winners and losers and exasperating that gap.

Published on Aug 13, 2017
Retrospectiva a La Contracultura de SF.
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(Submitted by John Fraser.)

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