Petitions to End Criminalization of Homelessness in the Bay Area

29 AUG 2018 By ANN GINGER (

End the criminalization of homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area. Demand political leaders in Oakland and Berkeley agree to the demands of the homeless.

On August 24, 2018, the San Francisco Bay Area Landless Peoples Alliance (BALPA) began the campaign to demand political leaders in the cities of Oakland and Berkeley to sign our Declaration of Campaign for the Human Rights of Landless People.

BALPA is led by homeless and formerly homeless organizers working together to mobilize to end the human rights violations against our communities. In the Declaration of Campaign for the Human Rights of Landless People, BALPA demands the following:

First: All criminalization of homelessness must end immediately.

Second: To live in dignity landless people in “safe havens” will be allowed to self-govern.

Third: Collective punishment and all other activity designed to undermine “safe havens” will end.

Fourth: All confiscation of landless people’s property will end, and all property immediately returned.

Fifth: Officials will communicate to all public agencies the location and status of all sanctioned encampments to coordinate transitional housing services.

Sixth: Resolve that all landless people have the human right to assert self-defense against prosecution for activities necessary for survival.

Seventh: All new housing shall prioritize housing for landless people and truly low-income people.

The full text of these demands can be found here in the Declaration of Campaign for the Human Rights of Landless People. BALPA asks our allies and supporters to sign this Declaration here and ask the political leaders of Oakland and Berkeley to do the same. Sign the email petitions below demanding that our political leaders in Oakland and Berkeley agree to these demands.

Sign here:

Note from Mike Zint:

Please take a few minutes for this. We need help. This page has reached over 30,000 in the last week. If we can get that many signatures, we may be able to make some things change.

Please share this. If you know a politician, send the link. Get people interested.

In 1988, Reagan did away with homesteading. Free land is not allowed. Our land. But the corporation’s get to use “federal land” as they see fit.

We end homelessness by providing housing. Tiny homes on homesteads is not being discussed. The rich might lose a few dollars.

–Mike Zint

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