Housing and Dignity Village in Oakland

From The Village:

Update: the # HousingAndDignityVillage list of needs – any and all donations can be dropped off at Edes & Edmonton off 98th.

– chairs
– shade structure
– shelving units
– folding tables
– compostable fresh bags
– compostable silverware
– a fuckton of water
– 2 buckets (ideally with spigots)

Building supplies:

– sawdust
– 3 hinges
– gate latch
– 2 5-gallon buckets
– fiberglass roofing

–JP Massar

Nancy Armstrong  & APTP just tweeted:

URGENT! WE HAVE TAKEN LAND! New # HousingAndDignityVillage started @ Edes/Elmhurst off 98th COME THRU & SUPPORT ALL WKND starting now! Spread the word!

There is what looks like an empty lot (from Google images) on the corner of Edes and S. Elmhurst.

My understanding is that this is an action by Oakland homeless.  Edes and Elmhurst is down by the Coliseum, near the Brookfield Branch of the Oakland Public library. Looks easy to get to via the 98th St. freeway exit. Looks like less than a mile from the Coliseum BART.

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