Shahid Buttar vs Nancy Pelosi: Battle for The Bay

The Young Turks Advocate, organizer, lawyer and DJ, Shahid Buttar is challenging Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her U.S. CA-12 seat. We spent a day with him in San Francisco, the city Speaker Pelosi represents in congress. Is it just us, or does Shahid seem more in tune with the San Francisco vibe than Pelosi? #2020 Road to Revolution— 2020 is everything. If Trump wins this election, the United States is on its way to a full-blown dictatorship. All hope is not lost! There is a massive progressive movement rising up across our country. People are jumping into action; revolutionaries who won’t standby while a kleptocrat gives their country to corporations. Road to Revolution gives you an inside view into the heroes and sheroes fighting on the front lines for the future of our country.

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