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A. Hundreds of protesters, some carrying guns in the state Capitol, demonstrate against Michigan’s emergency measures

   See event # 7

B. Cops roll into huge Civic Center homeless encampment — residents say they were forced to stay in tents during ‘curfew’ – April 29

CAs US Approaches Record Deficit, Israel Asks for Record Handout – April 29, 2020

D. US-Backed Forces Killed Twice as Many Children as Taliban and ISIS Did During 1st Quarter of 2020  – April 28, 2020


1. Stop the Execution of Walter “Arkie” Barton in Missouri


2. Demand Congress provides safeguards for Black immigrants in the next COVID-19 stimulus bill


Friday, May 1

New and Revised Events

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1. Friday, 9:30am – 12:30pm, Car Caravan For Immigrant Rights!  (NEW post – Santa Rosa)

Meet at:

Dollar Store
Sebastapol Rd.
Santa Rosa

Car Caravan – Alliance of Active Women In Solidarity (ALMAS), the Graton Day Labor Center, The Women’s Collective/SF Day Labor Program, NorCal Resist, and many others are calling on Northern California to join them in this car caravan and virtual rally in solidarity with California’s immigrant community during this time of crisis!

 Everyone will remain in their cars during the entire event. We’ll leave the Dollar Store, on Sebastapol Rd., in Santa Rosa, join caravans from other areas in Fairfield, and drive in to Sacramento for a brief time before heading back home.

Demands include: 1) More financial assistance to the undocumented; 2) Health and Safety protections for domestic workers and day laboreres (Pass SB 1257); 3) Shut down all immigrant detention centers in the state; 4) Rent forgiveness in California. More info: Renee Saucedo,, 707-273-2974.


2. Friday, 12:00am – 11:30pm, Target Community Boycott

Target team members are asking our guests and fellow community members to stand in solidarity with us as we #Strike4OurLives on May 1st, International Workers Day! Take the pledge that you won’t shop at our Target stores, order any Shipt deliveries from our stores, and encourage your friends and family to do the same! We need to send a message loud and clear to Target Corporation that they are not doing enough to protect us essential workers! Take a picture of yourself holding a sign with a message of support and the hashtag #Strike4OurLives to show you’re in solidarity with Target workers and post it in this event page!

Join our facebook group Target Worker – Community Alliance to keep up to date on developments as we head towards May 1st!

Host: Target Workers Unite


3. Friday, 10:00am – 12Noon, SF May Day Caravan (New Time on FB)

RSVP / Register:–YQ/viewform?link_id=3&can_id=4d8abb95a7895a1648b41bfa1ad2bb3b&source=email-sf-may-day-car-caravan-cancelrent-homesforall-debtfreefuture&email_referrer=email_788206&email_subject=sf-may-day-car-caravan-cancel-rent

Meet at:

Pier 50: Terry Francois Blvd. & Mission Rock St.
(turn into pier’s main lot; cross streets: Terry Francois Blvd & Mission Rock St)

This will be a safe & physically distant multi-location rally
Everyone in attendance should use a face covering for safety, and not exit their cars unless they are 6 feet apart from those around them. Bring gloves, masks, sanitizer, and any hygienic products that can ensure your safety as well as the safety of others.

Even before the pandemic, 40 million US households were paying over a third of their incomes for housing, and half a million people were living on the streets. As a historic 22 million workers filed for unemployment in the US in the last month, we are demanding legislators provide immediate relief by cancelling rent, mortgage and utility payments NOW and by establishing emergency housing for those without the ability to safely shelter in place.

 Union members – attach a sign with union local to the outside of your car!

Hosts: Housing Rights Committee of SF, SF Tenants Union, Coalition on Homelessness, Jobs with Justice SF, SF Rising Alliance, SF Senior and Disability ActionInfo:

4. Friday, 10:00am – 1:00pm, SF International Workers’ Day Car Caravan (NEW)

Pier 50
Terry Francois St & Mission Rock St.
(nr. Giants Ballpark)

This is a car caravan action merged with the SF May DAY Car Caravan: a housing coalition.

We are a grassroots ad hoc committee of labor and environmental activists demanding Protection for Frontline Workers, the Green New Deal, Release of ICE Detainees, and Cancel Rent. This action is also endorsed and supported by the 1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations.

We will be meeting up, putting posters on our cars and driving in a car caravan to various locations to circle for our demands, live-streaming, including government buildings, a 1930s New Deal site to make the connection between lived history and present day needs—especially the need for a Green New Deal for economic and environmental justice and recovery. More information to come.

Host: May Day Solidarity Action


5. Friday, 10:00am – 2:00pm, May Day in the Bay: Worker & Community Caravan – Oakland

Meet at:

SSA Terminal
1717 Middle Harbor Rd.

**We ask that everyone in attendance use a FACE COVERING for safety, and not exit their cars unless they are 6 feet apart from those around them. Bring gloves, masks, sanitizer, and any hygienic products that can ensure your safety as well as the safety of others.

Join us from 10-11am for a SAFE & SOCIALLY DISTANT rally with the ILWU at the Oakland Port. At 11am, we leave for a car & bike caravan up Broadway to demand:
3. POWER & RESOURCES TO THE PEOPLE (City Hall @ 12:30)
4. FREE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL (Kaiser @ 1:00)
5. WORKER SAFETY @ WHOLE FOODS – 230 Bay Place (1:30)

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Port of Oakland, SSA Terminal.

11:30 AM – 11:45 AM

Oakland Police Station – 550 6th Street (@ Broadway)

12:00 PM – 12:15 PM

Oakland Oakland Unified School Dist (OUSD) HQ – 1000 Broadway

12:30 PM – 12:45 PM

City Hall / Federal Building – 14th & Broadway

1:00 PM – 1:15 PM

Support Healthcare Workers @ Kaiser – 3600 Broadway

1:30 PM – 1:45 PM

Support Worker Safety @ Whole Foods – 230 Bay Place (1:30)

Let’s send Trump, Wall Street, and the capitalists a clear message: #WeWontDieForWallSt

Info:   or

6. Friday, 11:15am – 1:00pm, SF May Day Rally With Black United Workers At SF City Hall

Meet at:

Third Baptist Church (out front)
1399 McAllister St.

Join Us for our May Day Rally Protest by Car – Come One Come All Friday, May 1, 2020 12 Noon SF City Hall
Black United Workers The Color of COVID SF
SF May Day Rally With Black United Workers
Join Us for our May Day Rally Protest by Car – Come One Come All Friday, May 1, 2020 12 Noon We will meet at 11:15 AM at
Third Baptist Church out front. The route will be to City Hall for 12:00 Noon and jointly we will drive to City Hall and will circle the block in rapid sub-session. We will provide signs to be used as we honk for our horns and have media coverage for our Rights and Safety in this Era of COVID Pandemic.


7. Friday, 11:30am – 1:00pm, May 1 Action to Counter “ReOpen America” Rallies (NEW)

Meet at:

Van Ness Ave. (between Grove & McAllister Sts.)
Across from SF City Hall

11:30am Press conference

On Friday, a group calling for “Reopen America” are calling for a rally across the country including in San Francisco at City Hall at 12Noon.

SAY NO—to the anti-scientific, fascist mobs holding “Reopen America” rallies across the country, including in San Francisco at City Hall.  They proceed from a callous disregard for public safety and human life. and supporters in San Francisco will hold a press conference at 11:30 am on Van Ness Avenue across the street from City Hall between Grove and McAllister Streets.

We also invite all who want to join us to counter-protest the fascist mob. We will observe social distancing and safe practices. Bring masks and gloves, and signs.

“Open the State Rallies” are also being held in, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, San Diego, Sacramento and Ventura in California

Hosts: Refuse Fascism Bay Area, Raging Grannies Action League,


8. Friday, 12Noon – 1:00pm, Virtual Rally: We Are Always Essential  – San Jose

*La traducción en español le sigue abajo*
Join us on May 1st at noon on FB LIVE and Instagram LIVE to hear worker testimonials and worker rights updates under COVID-19.

Share&like this post and use our hashtag so we can all come together!
Long live international worker’s day!
#WeAreAlwaysEssential #SiempreSomosEsenciales

Host: San Jose May Day


9. Friday, 1:00pm – 2:30pm, May Day Message LIVE from Angela Davis  (NEW)


$5 – $10 – Sliding scale.

The disruption of the world’s economies during the Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating. Here in the U.S., the impact has been especially catastrophic for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.

Covid-19, however, didn’t cause the economic crisis. Decades of corporate greed did – 1% of Americans essentially received all of the benefits of economic growth over the last 40 years. The top 1% got $21 trillion richer, while the bottom 50% became $900 billion poorer.

The capitalist system is in crisis and the pandemic shines light on its failures. We cannot get out of this situation by carrying on as before.

On this International Workers Day, political activist, scholar, author, and SpeakOut speaker Angela Davis reflects on possible ways forward and what it’s going to take to bring about economic and racial justice.

She invites us to reimagine a society that benefits all workers – from low wage earners to workers in the gig economy; from those working remotely to those on the front lines of the pandemic; from artists to incarcerated people.

Host: SpeakOut


10. Friday, 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Undocumented Workers are Essential! (NEW)


To share your story or show support:

-Submit a selfie to with a sign that says: “This May Day, I demand amnesty and safety for undocumented people because…” [and write in your reason]


-Submit a short video (2-4 min) telling us about your experience during the COVID-19 crisis, and what you think should be done to protect our immigrant communities.

***With your submission, include your name, what kind of work you do/ or if you are unemployed, and if you need for your identity to be anonymous.

During this COVID-19 crisis, it has been made clear that workers are the ones who keep the world running, despite the capitalists being the ones who hoard the wealth. Essential workers risk their health and safety in some of the lowest paid and least appreciated jobs. Some relief is offered by federal and state governments, but it is insufficient and excludes one of the most exploited group of workers: the undocumented. No stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, or relief for DACA students, and a total exclusion of households with even one undocumented family member. To top it off, both Republicans and Democrats are signing off on trillions of dollars to protect banks and big corporations, while workers and the poor, including immigrants, are left to fend for themselves!

Hoar: PSL


11. Friday, 3:00pm – 5:00pm, Workers Seize Power – Virtual International Workers Day

pre-register here:

When you register you’ll be given a link unique to you. Please don’t share that link with others. Instead, share the pre-registration link above.

We’ll have a two part panel, starting at 3PM.
The first panel will feature Resource Speakers, offering info on resources for workers, housing, and health.
Confirmed speakers for this panel include: Mark Janowitz/East Bay Community Law Center on housing, Carole Vigne/Legal Aid at Work on labor, and Margaret Handley – Public health-trained epidemiologist (SFGH) on health.

The second panel at 4pm will be a panel discussion featuring organizers leading campaigns around prisons, detention centers, housing, labor and international solidarity.
Confirmed speakers include: Jose Bernal/Ella Baker Center on prisons, Barbara/Detention Watch Network on detention centers, Carroll Fife/ACCE Action on housing, Lucia Lin/ Young Workers United & Grassroots Asians Rising on labor, and Jenabi Pareja/Peoples Association of Workers and Immigrants (PAWIS) on International Solidarity.

We are offering simultaneous translation in:

Host Oakland Sin Fronteras


12. Friday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm, Friday Night Forums: International Lessons on Organizing


Rachel Herzing will be in conversation with Kali Akuno (Cooperation Jackson),  Zenei Cortez (National Nurses United) and Vijay Prashad (Tricontinental).

Hosts: The Red Nation, AROC, The Center for Political Education


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