Dear Young Person,

I hope you are well and moving safely through this unusual and very difficult time (the Global Pandemic and more). I hope that you are feeling high hope for the future. You are young with many years of life ahead of you. 

I remember when I was young in my 20s (1967-1977). Many young people, like myself, marched down city streets across the country against the Vietnam War. We also marched for the civil rights of black people. Also, at this time, many young people began exploring drugs like Marijuana, LSD, pot, Hashish, psilocybin. Hallucinogens can and do expand your mind but like any drug, you always come back to where you started once the drug wore off. I heard a teacher say that if you want to live your life with an…E X P A N D E D  MIND… you have to be willing to do some WORK on yourself, at which, I went home, grabbed the psilocybin and LSD and flushed them down the toilet! (I had a lot of questions that were demanding an expanded mind.) And so, I got to WORK. Now after 50 years of WORKING on myself (using tools like meditation, Translation and Releasing the Hidden Splendour), I am looking back on my life and noticing how very important my CURIOSITY was in guiding me through very difficult times.

I am thinking of young people today and that is why I am reaching out to you. I am curious about YOUR CURIOSITY. But first, here is a little more about my curiosity. 

When I was in my 20s I was curious about what I’m here to do in this world. What is my purpose? This is a normal question for young people to ask themselves. Thinking about my life purpose took me to the deeper, very ancient, spiritual question that probably everyone asks at some point in their life: WHO AM I? I am not my mother. I am not my father. I am no one but me, but Who Am I? No one can answer this question for someone else. It is a question that seeks an answer that is deep within each individual. My deep yearning to answer this question definitely helped guide me in and out of remarkably challenging experiences.

There is another question that really got me curious, as I looked at the world around me. This second question began when I was sitting in college classrooms listening to professors telling me this and that. I sat there thinking to myself: Are they telling me the truth or are they telling me what they were told? That question became a new question which really got me looking around and wondering: Is there such a thing as TRUTH? OR, is it all opinion? You have to admit that every person has a unique, individual Point of View. No one looks at the world through your eyes but YOU. So, opinions appear to be all there is…and maybe there is no essential, deeper, formless TRUTH? However, something in me felt that TRUTH does exist and that it is somehow back and behind the physical world. Here is where I went on a search for the formless, invisible, Spiritual Source of my BEING and I have a story to tell. In fact, I am beginning to write my second book about all this.

THANK YOU for reading this! I hope you will take a moment to think about the questions that YOU are asking. Also, if you can respond to my questions below and email me – I will appreciate it very much! 

QUESTION #1: How are you?

QUESTION #2: What concerns you about the world today?

QUESTION #3: If you are CURIOUS – what are your questions? 

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you!


Heather C. Williams, HWM
Artist, Author of Drawing as a Sacred Activity
High Watch Mentor with The Prosperos School of Ontology
Retired ART & Sp Ed middle school Teacher
The Power is within us! True Power is LOVE! ❤️ Let’s draw it out!

PS: On Sunday December 13, 2020, at 11:00 am Central time, I am giving a free talk on zoom about the value of CURIOSITY. Join me if you can! Here is the zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/848372474

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