SF Berniecrats endorse 5 bills

March 4, 2021

At last night’s monthly membership meeting, the San Francisco Berniecrats endorsed three bills creating or making way for public bank:

The Reinvest in San Francisco Ordinance — supports creating a public bank so San Francisco can reinvest millions of dollars in city revenue into the bank to promote economic recovery, affordable housing, small business lending and green infrastructure. (bizjournsls.com, Jan 26, 2021)

AB 1177, as introduced, Santiago. Deposit: state funds: eligible bank. Existing law requires the Treasurer, if possible, to deposit all money in the State Treasury or under the control of the Treasurer into an eligible bank. … This bill would make nonsubstantive changes to the definition of an eligible bank. (leginfo.legislation.ca.gov, Feb 18, 2021)

HR 8721 Public Banking Act “To provide for the Federal charter of certain public banks, and for other purposes.”

Also endorsed were:

San Jose Assemblyman Alex Lee’s proposed California Tax on Extreme Wealth


California SB-331 Public contracts: local agencies: negotiations. … The act would prohibit a final determination by the governing body regarding approval of any contract until the matter has been heard at a minimum of 2 public meetings of the governing body. (leginfo.legislature.ca.gov)

–compiled by Mike Zonta, co-editor of OccupySF.net

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