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A. ‘Police Killed My Brother’: Video Shows Officers Kneeling on Mario Gonzalez’s Back for 5 Minutes – April 28, 2021

‘Police Killed My Brother’: Video Shows Officers Kneeling on Mario Gonzalez’s Back for 5 Minutes | Common Dreams News

   See Action # 1

B. US indicts 3 on hate crime charges in death of 25-year-old Black man Ahmaud Arbery – April 28, 2021

US indicts 3 on hate crime charges in death of 25-year-old Black man Ahmaud Arbery (

C. Bill to Decertify Bad Cops and Limit Immunity Advances in Calif. Senate – April 27, 2021

Bill to Decertify Bad Cops and Limit Immunity Advances in California Senate – Courthouse News Service

D. Israel developing AI ‘super-brain’ to run automated attacks in battlefield  – April 25, 2021

Israel developing AI ‘super-brain’ to run automated attacks in battlefield (

E. Breaking With Predecessors, Biden Declares Mass Killings of Armenians a Genocide  – April 24, 2021

Breaking With Predecessors, Biden Declares Mass Killings of Armenians a Genocide (

F. Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Wound 105 Palestinian Civilians in Jerusalem  – April 23, 2021

Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Wound 105 Palestinian Civilians in Jerusalem – – IMEMC News

G. U.S. military sends reinforcements ahead of Afghanistan drawdown – April 23, 2021

H. Woman says she was fired for refusing to get COVID-19 vaccine – April 23, 2021

Woman says she was fired for refusing to get COVID-19 vaccine | KRON4

I. Late at night, the U.S. is expelling migrants back into dangerous Mexico border cities – April 22, 2021

Late at night, the U.S. is expelling migrants back into dangerous Mexico border cities (

J. Taking the knee for Black Lives Matter to be BANNED at Tokyo Olympics – April 21, 2021

Taking the knee for Black Lives Matter to be BANNED at Tokyo Olympics (


1. DA O’Malley Charge the Officers Who Killed Mario Gonzalez

  SIGN: DA O’Malley Charge the Officers Who Killed Mario Gonzalez – Action Network

2. Demand Safe Water 

  SIGN: Demand Safe Water! (

3. Stop Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians from East Jerusalem!

  SIGN: Stop Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians from East Jerusalem! (

4. Contact you lawmaker about H.R. 2590

  SIGN: Contact your lawmaker about H.R. 2590 – No Way to Treat a Child (

  H.R. 2590 seeks to promote justice, equality and human rights for Palestinian children and families by prohibiting Israeli authorities from using U.S. taxpayer funds to detain and torture Palestinian children, demolish and seize Palestinian homes, and further annex Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.

5. End the Blockade on Yemen

  SIGN: End the Blockade on Yemen | MoveOn

6. Stop funding war and militarism – invest in our communities!


6. President Biden: End Trump’s reprehensible landmine policy!

  SIGN: President Biden: End Trump’s reprehensible landmine policy! | Win Without War

7. Tell Congress: Protect the First Amendment & Hold Law Enforcement Accountalbe!

  SIGN: Tell Congress: Protect the First Amendment & Hold Law Enforcement Accountable! (

8. Demand Safe Access to Abortion Now

  SIGN: DEMAND SAFE ACCESS TO ABORTION NOW | American Civil Liberties Union (


Friday, April 30 – Wednesday, May 5

Friday, April 30

1. Friday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Shut Down the Police Officers Association

In person

SF Police Officers Association
800 Bryant St. (at 6th St)

Wear mask / social distancing

RESIST with Mothers on the March, Black and Brown for Justice, Peace and Equality, Family’s who loved ones have been killed by SFPD, and Community

   – Demand the San Francisco Police Officers Association be Shut Down!

   – The SF Police Officers Association Be Declared a Non Grata Organization

   – Demand the Police Officers Bill of Rights be Abolished.

   – Jail Killer Cops – we want killer cops to be charged with murder.

   – Abolish the Police

After the trial of Chauvin in MN it is clear that ABOLISHION of the police with community control is the solution!

2. Friday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Stop Oil Exports / Support for Diane Wilson

Meet in the plaza

450 Golden Gate Ave. (where offices of Army Corps of Engineers are located)

Join SF CODEPINK and others in support of Diane Wilson.

On April 7th, 2021 4th-generation shrimper, activist, and author Diane Wilson began a hunger strike at the waterfront of Lavaca Bay to demand that the Biden Administration stop the dredging of the mercury-contaminated Matagorda Ship Channel, and ban crude oil exports.

Max Midstream wants to dredge the Matagorda Ship Channel, a mercury superfund site, for an oil export project. The dredging would unearth potentially devastating mercury contamination devastating fisheries that local communities are working to restore and revitalize. The project trashes the community and the climate to create profit for oil companies.


Info: Stop Oil Exports/Support for Diane Wilson : Indybay

3. Friday, 5:30pm, Impunity of an Empire: The Cost of Plunder in the Philippines and the Resistance

Online register: Webinar Registration – Zoom

Hear from Filipino Solidarity Activists about:

1. The historical relationship between the US and the Philippines and the dire consequences of its colonial dynamics.

2: The current situation in the Philippines under the Duterte dictatorship

3. The popular struggle for democracy against imperialism & the current demands of the Filipino people

4.How people in this country can support the struggle of the Filipino people and oppose the neo-colonial domination of the US

San Francisco Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (SFCHRP) and Malaya Movement SF, in collaboration with DSA SF, will provide us with an in depth presentation diving into these themes as well as a space for attendees to participate in a rich discussion.

Info: (1) Impunity of an Empire: The Cost of Plunder in the Philippines and the Resistance | Facebook  or The Impunity of an Empire: US Imperialism & the Philippines : Indybay

Saturday, May 1

 May Day

4. Saturday, 9:00am – 1:00pm, May Day March And Rally

Meet at:

Clay St./Drumm

On/off facebook

Mask / dress in red

Also see event # 5

Join DSA members from across the Bay Area as we march together in a huge May Day march to commemorate workers and rally for the PRO Act!

The PRO Act will remove steep barriers to union organizing – by expanding collective bargaining rights to more workers, banning anti-union “captive audience” meetings, and empowering the National Labor Relations Board. It is the most comprehensive labor law bill since Taft-Hartley skewed power towards employers in 1947.

Info: (1) May Day March And Rally | Facebook

5. Saturday, 10:00am – 1:00pm, Parade and Rally for Workers’ Rights and Racial Justice

Meet at:

Market St. & Embarcadero

Register & Info: Parade and Rally for Workers’ Rights and Racial Justice · SEIU (

Accessibility: Reply to registration to confirm requirements

Join us on May 1st as we recreate the famous 1934 May Day march up Market Street from the Embarcadero to Civic Center for a rally. Wear your union shirts and jackets!

Celebrations of International Workers’ Day, also called May Day, date back over 100 years to the fight for an eight-hour workday. In San Francisco, May 1 has also played host to a rich history of collective action by workers—and this year will be no different.

The triple threat of rising income inequality, racial injustice, and COVID-19 has hit working families hard. In order for our communities to emerge from this crisis healthy and prosperous, we need a just and equitable recovery for all.

That means building support for key legislation like the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which will empower workers to exercise our freedom to organize and negotiate for better wages and working conditions. It also means uniting together—no matter who we are or where we come from—to #StopAsianHate, proclaim that #BlackLivesMatter, ensure immigrants are safe and welcome in our communities, and fight to ensure that workers everywhere can live and work with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

Sponsoring groups: San Francisco Labor Council Alameda Labor Council Contra Costa Labor Council San Mateo Labor Council South Bay Labor Council APALA San Francisco Chapter SEIU Local 1021 IFPTE Local 21

Info: SF Bay Area May Day Parade & Rally for Workers’ Rights & Racial Justice : Indybay

6. Saturday, 10:00am (PT). Live from Lebanon — Hear the Stories of Palestinian Refugee Women

Online register: Meeting Registration – Zoom

For more information on the young speakers, visit:  

On May 1st, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, JVP-LA is having a unique live zoom event with four young Palestinian women from the refugee camps in Lebanon.  These are the descendants of Palestinians expelled by Zionist paramilitary gangs in 1948 who are still living the harsh legacy of al-Nakba (the Catastrophe).  These young women represent the 3rd and 4th generations of Palestinians living as stateless refugees in Lebanon because Israel and the United States refuse to recognize their right to return to their homes in Palestine.

Host: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

Info: May 1, Online Event: Live from Lebanon — Hear the Stories of Palestinian Refugee Women | Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition

7. Saturday, 2:00pm – 4:00pm, March For Our Elders

Meet at:

Portsmouth Square
733 Kearny St

We will be marching from Portsmouth Square to Chinatown Tunnel to San Francisco’s City Hall to raise awareness for the rise in Anti-Asian Hate Crimes and rhetoric, demand justice for our elders & victims of hate crimes, and to celebrate the diversity of Asian American culture.

March guidelines:
– Bring Masks & Social Distancing
– Bring Your Own Sign
– Bring your own country’s flag (Optional)


Host: Asians United

Info: March For Our Elders | Facebook

8. Saturday, 2:30pm – 6:00pm, May Day Oakland 2021 (Car caravan)

Meet at:

Lake Merritt BART Station
8th & Madison Sts.

Gather at 2:30pm for a car caravan starting 3pm at Lake Merritt BART station. Caravan will make stops at Whole Foods to support all essential workers & at Lake Merritt Amphitheater to support the family of Mario Gonzales & all victims of police terror. Caravan is ending with a rally at a to-be-disclosed location at 5pm.

2020 and early 2021 will forever be remembered as a time of ferocious solidarity in the streets, an explosion of mutual aid projects, and a wave of wildcat strikes, rent strikes, and workers organizing for unions, livable wages, & basic protections.

2021 is the Year of the US Political Prisoner and we will continue efforts to free Mumia Abu Jamal and all political prisoners fighting against the US empire.

On May Day 2021 in Oakland, we celebrate the fighters, the builders, and everyone who found creative ways to stand together here on Turtle Island and in solidarity with oppressed people worldwide fighting US occupation and oppression.

See site for list of endorsers

Hosts: People’s Strike Bay Area, Ella Baker Center, POOR Magazine, + 10 Other groups

Info: MAY DAY OAKLAND 2021 | Facebook

9. Saturday, 3:00pm – 6:00pm, The People’s Assembly

Out doors / In person

474 Valencia St. (Between 15th & 16th Streets)

Spanish translation available

Public transportation:

BART – 16th St.

SF MUNI: #22, #14, # 49

This is an event, that is a work in process to empower people, develop community solidarity, and build a movement.

All are invited to come build together


Sunday, May 2

10. Sunday, 7:00am – 8:30am (PT); 10:00am – 11:30am (ET), Campaign to Ban Killer Drones Is Launched as Biden Appears Ready to Expand Drone War

Webinar register: Webinar: Campaign to Ban Killer Drones Is Launched as Biden Appears Ready to Expand Drone War (

webinar will announce the launch of BanKillerDrones, a new campaign for an international treaty to ban weaponized drones and military and police drone surveillance. This comes at the moment when the Biden Administration is reportedly looking to increase U.S. drone killing and drone surveillance as key to retaining some level of colonial control in Afghanistan, under the guise of countering Al Qaeda, as U.S. troops are removed. The reality appears to be that U.S. drones, and other U.S. military aircraft, will continue to support U.S. special forces operating in Afghanistan. A New York Times article on April 15 indicates that drone killing will be even more at the center of global U.S. military policy, quoting U.S. Department of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin: “’There’s probably not a space on the globe that the United States and its allies can’t reach,’ Mr. Austin told reporters.” Civilians continue to be the primary casualties of drone war.


Brian Terrell

  participated in the first protest in the U.S. against killing by remote control in 2009, shortly after  President Obama made assassination by Predator and Reaper drones the cornerstone of his military policy. He has participated in nonviolent protests around the country and abroad as this deadly technology has been proliferating.

(See registration for more info)

Kathy Kelley

  serves on World BEYOND War’s Advisory Board. She has traveled to war zones and lived alongside ordinary people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Bosnia, Haiti and Nicaragua. She and her companions in Voices in the Wilderness and then Voices for Creative Nonviolence believed the U.S. should end all U.S. military and economic warfare.

(See registration for more info)

David Swanson

   author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is cofounder and executive director of World BEYOND War and campaign coordinator for Swanson’s books include War Is A Lie. He blogs at and He hosts Talk Nation Radio. 

(See registration for more info of involvements)

Leah Bolger

   retired in 2000 from the U.S. Navy at the rank of Commander after twenty years of active duty service. Her career included duty stations in Iceland, Bermuda, Japan and Tunisia and in 1997, was chosen to be the Navy Military Fellow at the MIT Security Studies program. Leah received an MA in National Security and Strategic Affairs from the Naval War College in 1994. After retirement, she became very active in Veterans For Peace.

(See registration for more info)

Host: World Beyond War

11. Sunday, 11:00am – 12:30pm, Move the Chi for Multiracial Solidarity

Visitation Valley Park – Playground
263 Leland Ave.

On/off facebook

Masks / comfortable shoes

*This park is being petitioned to be renamed Yik Oi Huang Peace and Friendship Park after Yik Oi Huang, who at the age of 89 was attacked while exercising at this park. Her injuries led to her death one year later in 2020.

Join us for a community practice of the Chinese healing art of chi gung in response to the rise of anti-AAPI incidents of hate and violence.

We will learn gentle movements to move our chi (energy) through feelings such as rage, fear or shame.

We will cultivate positive chi (energy) to create interconnectedness, genuine security, and collective action against all forms of racism and violence.

Join us to embody community healing, safety, and multiracial solidarity.

All ages and abilities welcome.
Event will be in English and Cantonese.


Sponsors: Communities As One, Chinese Medicine and Magic, Chinese Progressive Association, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, Pitzer College of the Claremont Colleges

Info: (1) Move the Chi for Multiracial Solidarity | Facebook

12. Sunday, 1:00pm – 2:30pm, UUSF Forum Conversation with David Bacon


Join Forum Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 220 024 1232
Passcode: 328697

David Bacon, photo-journalist, author and activist, will speak about the current immigration reform proposals, especially as they affect farmworkers and indigenous migrants. Conservative pundits charge that the arrival of people at the border is a new crisis, yet the roots of displacement and migration are deep and go back many decades. He will talk about the roots of migration and their relationship with U.S. economic, trade and military policy.

David will address the questions:
How can we understand the current controversy in Washington DC about immigration policy?
How much of a change have we seen, or can we expect, from the policies of the previous administration?
And what can an ordinary person do to support social change and the human rights of migrants and workers?

Info: UUSF Forum Conversation with David Bacon : Indybay

13. Sunday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm, True Cost of Chevron: Here, There, Everywhere

Register info: The True Cost of Chevron: Here, There and Everywhere, May 2 (

Environmental crimes in Nigeria and Ecuador. Support for Myanmar fascist military dictatorship. Spills, explosions, lobbying $$$: Chevron’s heinous record of human rights abuse, poisoning of global & local communities exposed.

• Paul Paz y Miño, Amazon Watch
• Andrés Soto, Communities for a Better Environment
• Jed Holtzman, 350 Bay Area

Host: Sunflower Alliance

Info: True Cost of Chevron: Here, There, Everywhere : Indybay

Wednesday, April 5 

14, Wednesday 3:00pm, Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour Thru Akkkademia

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology

See site for map of location

Covid precautions – masks etc

Walk with Indigenous, Black, Brown, Houseless and Disabled Peoples to lay down prayers ,share medicine of Radical redistribution, ComeUnity reparations & take back Culture, Land, Ancestors, neighborhoods, and Knowledge Warehoused, Displaced, Incarcerated and/or Stolen by extractive institutions of knowledge production.

This is not a protest, this is about sharing the medicine of redistribution and community reparations because we are all in a crisis of scarcity, land stealing and wealth-hoarding and need to understand there is a different way to live and walk interdependently

The Stolen Land/hoarded Resources Tours were launched on 2016 MamaEarth Day – by indigenous, Houseless, Disabled Black , Brown and Poor Youth, adults and Elders who “Toured” through gated, poLiced, Guarded and protected neighborhoods of extreme wealth from Park Avenue to SillyCon Valley- loosely based on the Bhoodan Movement of India launched by Vinoba Bhave who walked through India asking wealthy “land-owners” to gift their land back to landless peoples

“Many of us houseless UC students have nowhere else to stay, that’s who UC Berkeley is displacing with their removal plans at Peoples Park,” said Marci, one of the hundreds of unhoused students of UC Berkeley staying parttime at Peoples Park.

Co-sponsored by POORmagazine/PrensaPobre,Indians Organizing for Change ,Krio HopNation SFBayview Newspaper All ComeUnities welcome to walk with us /co-sponsor /pray and /or speak

Info: (3) Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour Thru Akkkademia | Facebook

15. Wednesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives

1 Dr. Carleton B. Goodlett Pl.

Covid precautions

Calling all Indigenous Dancers, Drummers & Singers

In loving remembrance of Jessica Alva, Angela McConnell, and all of our stolen relatives

Hosts: American Indian Cultural District of SF, American Indian Cultural Center of SF, Native Sisters Circle, Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice, Restoring Justice for Indigenous Peoples

Info: (1) National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives | Facebook

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