5 Facts About California’s New Medicare For All Bill: CalCare AB 1400

 March 16, 2021 By Georgia Brewer (heal-ca.org)

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The California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act, known as CalCare, was introduced in February 2021 by San Jose Assemblyman Ash Kalra. The legislation was sponsored by the California Nurses Association, long-time supporters of healthcare justice and Medicare for All.

CalCare would cover everyone in California and control healthcare costs.

Here are 5 facts you need to know about California’s new Medicare for All Bill: CalCare AB 1400

1. What would CalCare do?

CalCare would establish a state insurance plan that would cover all California residents regardless of employment, income, health status, marital status or documentation status.

2. What medical services would CalCare cover?

CalCare would include coverage for medically necessary services currently covered under the Affordable Care Act, PLUS oral health, audiology, vision services and long-term care.

3. How would CalCare be different from private health insurance?

CalCare would eliminate premiums, deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance. It would also eliminate hassles like pre-authorizations for treatment, provider networks and enrollment periods. 

4. How would CalCare be financed?

CalCare would be financed by a public Trust Fund, which would be funded by monies from federal and state government agencies along with additional revenue sources, like a wealth tax, to be determined by the California State Legislature.

5. How can CalCare capture federal funding?

To capture healthcare dollars from the federal government, the Governor of California must request waivers from federal agencies such as Health & Human Services.


Tell Governor Newsom to request the necessary waivers so federal funds can be used for a California single-payer plan!


Urge them to co-sponsor AB 1400, California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act. Thank them if they already have. 


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