Impossible Rebellion Day 9 – Children are the Future

Extinction Rebellion UK LIVE: Impossible Rebellion Day 9 – Children are the Future It’s all happening today! Pram Rebellion are processing through Westminster in their funeral finery, protesting against the UK Government’s inaction on toxic air pollution, followed by an emergency meeting between doctors, scientists, educators, child psychiatrists and social care specialists at Parliament Square to consider whether the UK is failing in its legal duty to safeguard children from the impacts of the climate crisis. In the City, XR Families stage a ‘Play-In’, while beautiful trouble continues to seep through the streets to a mystery location…Join us also for Animal Rebellion’s latest disruptive action and a performance of the Burning Ballroom. As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues a stark warning of a “code red for humanity”, the UK Government is failing us and future generations by refusing to take bold, immediate action on the climate and ecological emergency. In this two-week Impossible Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion brings voices of hope, fear, anger and resolve to the streets of London as we issue our IMMEDIATE DEMAND to the UK Government to “Stop all new fossil fuel investments now!”. 👉WHAT WILL YOU DO? Join us this weekend – come to London to sit together, eat together, talk, listen, get trained up and rebel for life! 👉Join the Rebellion:… 👉Follow the Rebellion Facebook Event and share it with your friends:… 👉Sign up to our newsletter for updates: 👉Donate:…#ExtinctionRebellion#ImpossibleRebellion#DemandTheImpossible#ThisIsAnIntervention#StopTheHarm#WeWantToLive#CEEbill#ActNow#Ecocide#NoMoreLies#BeyondPolitics#CivilDisobedience#NonViolentProtests#RebelForLife#CitizensAssembly Closed Captions are available by clicking the cog button on the Facebook stream. Streamed by the XR Livestreaming team, whose mission is to #TellTheTruth and spread climate change and other news ignored by mainstream media. Any questions or ideas for projects? Drop us a line at Have any feedback about this livestream? Please message us here: Help XR mobilise and donate: Extinction Rebellion UK: International: Twitter: Facebook: 1. Tell The Truth 2. Act Now 3. Beyond Politics World Map of Extinction Rebellion Groups:

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  1. EthericBliss4233 says:

    Roughly ~ @05:19:00 “We are FU#K#D” dude and his message about the 1.2 and 1.5 crud. Aside from the hypocrisy with his “no M@SK” talking about the Coroonuuu sham, talking about CROPS dying!!! In RE to the freaking “WEATHER”, does anyone even pay attention to that BIG, BRIGHT, object, in the SKY, during the “DAY” time??? Ever think that what “we” call “The SUN” has ANYthing to do with this (“Climate Change”)? That and the EMF of this beautiful “Realm” that “we” live ON. As for this cat “…being informed…” (per the one interviewing), he’s “informed” enough to simply SPEW and regurgitate the CR@P that the “government(s)” and “lamestream” is shouting. Regurgitating what the “government(s)” say, says a LOT about the interviewer and that she MAY BE a SHILL for this whole “SCAM”!?! What “we” are in, and what ARE “FACTS”, are that this “climate” thing is cyclical. It’s known at the “higher levels” (WAAAY beyond this stream’s pay-grade) that the “weather” IS a cyclical thing and that it is tied DIRECTLY to that “shiny thing”, commonly known as “The Sun”!!! Pay attention to the Sun’s weather AND pay attention to this “Realm’s” EMF spectrum and tie the two together… Then, and ONLY then will you start to “see” the TRUTH!!! Now, have “fossil fuels” been a “gatekeeper” for enslaving “us” into the energy grid and forced into being “pay-slaves” for energy? When “energy” could be and IS a TOTALLY FREE thing, yet has been hidden behind a paywall. Y’all talk about the “TRUTH”, y’all speak on this “plannedemic” as if it were a “real” threat and “killer” (per your words). Y’all have absolutely NO clue as to what the “Truth” is and yes, the “Truth” IS “real” (per your words as well) yet “we” are NOT really hearing it here… … Funny, too… this is the FIRST “coverage” that I’ve witnessed of this “group”/channel… and personally? I’m gonna stay away… as I hear NO “Truth” here. NOT Objective “truth” anyway. “Extinction Event” IS near, yet it’s NOT a “man-made” event. NOT even CLOSE!!! This is (again) Cyclical and I’m afraid that y’all aren’t helping “people” here, at ALL! Look UP! THAT is where y’all will start, in finding out how and WHY this has happened before and WILL happen again. No amount of “beating drums” are going to HELP “us” to ANY degree… Heh! Get it?!? “Degree”!! LOL! Just HAD to. Couldn’t help it. Now, let’s see if THIS RE is going to be CENSORED or not… I’m Screen Capturing this entire Comment as I type and we’ll see how it goes. IF it’s censored, then y’all will SEE that it has been, elsewhere… WILL post under this name, as well. “Leave a Reply” on “Impossible Rebellion Day 9 – Children are the Future”. We’ll see if y’all can “…join the rebellion…” and STOP looking TOWARD the “government(s)” for answers and “BE” the “government(s)” and look toward one’s self. The “politicians” aren’t listening to YOU, they aren’t listening to “me”, they aren’t listening to ANYone on “this” level. Those “taxes” that y’all talk about and “fossil fuels” aren’t going toward that “list” that y’all are spewing. They are going directly into “Their” pockets. Anyway, just got “triggered” by this SEEMINGLY “Shill” report and channel. The unfortunate thing is that there ARE, actually, GOOD “people” out there, THINKING that they are doing/making a difference. Yet ALL that y’all are confirming is that the “government(s)” and those “THINGS” ARE, in effect, “in-charge” of all y’all…!!! TAKE your “power(s)” BACK and THEN maybe “we” can come together and make a change. Until then, you are JUST, simply confirming that “They” ARE “in charge” and will continue to do what “They” WANT to do. Keeping “you” where you are! As long as “you” are in the streets (WHERE “They” LET you, by the way… ever talk about that?? AND for the “FEE”… Hahahahah! STILL can’t get over that, the whole “tax to demonstrate” thing… Man!!!) anyway, “They” KNOW where you are. Do you REALLY think “They” listen??? I mean REALLY??? Nah! Didn’t think so, for IF they did, then this kind of thing wouldn’t STILL be going on. Anyway, I’ve typed my fingers off and this “War and Peace” sized “comment” is long enough. I can go on (obviously) but I’ll warp it up, in a quick sum. Y’all simply do NOT “get it” and y’all are leading “people” down the WRONG path with disinformation and simply “shilling” FOR “Them”. Whether it’s intentional (my take) or not, it IS what y’all are doing. ESPECIALLY this chick… (Alex, I THINK she said). STOP looking “down” and start looking UP!!! THAT is where “our” answers lay. NOT in “cow-farts” and “people-burps” and “wearing-not-wearing” those idiotic “ma$k$”. I HOPE that those “Dr/Nurse Scrubs” were tongue-in-cheek… yet ONE chick kept talking to you and pulling hers “up”… Bah! If one wants to wear a “panting-liner” on one’s face, that’s THEIR choice. Eh!?! Just PLEASE!! Do not ask (hahahah! especially DEMAND) that “I” (or anyone else, for that matter) wear one too… Okay! Last tangent!! My oops! Now… let us see, if THIS get posted or not…!?!

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