President Biden: Declare a climate emergency!

Friend, sign the petition to President Biden: Declare a climate emergency.
Climate change is the single greatest health threat to humanity. We must act now to prevent these weather events while we still have the chance.

But we’re up against powerful interests. The Supreme Court has hindered our ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Fossil fuel companies spend millions lobbying Congress and shuffling blame for climate change from producers to consumers with deceptive advertising. Big Oil is determined to protect profits, even if they burn the planet down in the process.

Congress is working on new legislation that will address aspects of climate mitigation, but it’s not enough! We need every tool in our arsenal to fight those forces. One of those tools is the Biden administration declaring climate an emergency.

Sign the petition to President Biden: Declare a climate emergency.
Biden declaring climate an emergency would give us the ability to reinstate the crude oil export ban, redirect disaster relief funds toward distributed renewable energy construction in frontline communities, and marshal companies to fast-track renewable transportation and clean power generation. All while creating millions of high-quality union jobs.

Climate change is already an emergency – we need legislation AND an emergency declaration. There’s still more Biden can do. It’s time for the Biden administration to step up and act before it’s too late.

Sign the petition to President Biden: Declare climate an emergency under the National Emergencies Act.
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