ACTION ALERT: Today: SF BoS might approve militarized equipment for SFPD – Act before 2pm

By Adrienne Fong

ALERT: Today the SF Board of Supervisors might be approving dangerous equipment to militarize SFPD. It’s not to late to send an email / call the supervisors.

SF Board of Supervisors Meeting


Funding, Acquisition, and Use of Certain Police Department – Military Equipment

Tuesday, November 29


In person

Legislative Chamber,

Room 250 City Hall,
 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place


Watch SF Cable Channel 26, 28, 78, or 99 (depending on your provider)



CALL-IN 1 (415) 655-0001 / Meeting ID: 2496 023 1524 # # (Press *3 to enter the speaker line)

AGENDA: (It’s item # 28)

“28. 220641 [Administrative Code – Funding, Acquisition, and Use of Certain Police Department Equipment] Sponsor: Mayor Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to require Board of Supervisors approval of a policy governing the funding, acquisition, and use of certain law enforcement equipment consistent with the criteria set forth in state law, and approving the Police Department’s use of Equipment Policy.

Question: Shall this Ordinance be PASSED ON FIRST READING?”

Even if you don’t live in SF but work or visit relatives / friends here – please still contact the Supervisors


Looking for some one-liners to use?  Try these!

The following must be explicitly addressed in the policy:

Demilitarize SFPD – Google Docs


The proposed policy must require BOS consideration before restocking

The proposed policy allows SFPD to acquire equipment without prior Board of Supervisors approval if it runs low on any of its stock, or simply wishes to replace any of its existing equipment.

SF Board of Supervisors Roster (  

Aaron Peskin     Email:      Voice:  (415) 554-7450    Rafael Mandelman     Email:     Voice:  (415) 554-6968  Connie Chan    Email:    Voice:   (415) 554-7410  Gordon Mar  Email:  Voice:  (415) 554-7460 Dean Preston  Email:  Voice:  (415) 554-7630 Myrna Melgar  Email:  Voice:  (415) 554-6516 Matt Dorsey  Email:  Voice:  (415) 554-7970 Hillary Ronen  Email:  Voice:  (415) 554-5144   Shamann Walton  Email:  Voice:  (415) 554-7670 Catherine Stefani  Email:  Voice:  (415) 554-7752 Ahsha Safai  Email:  Voice:  (415) 554-6975  


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