Marianne’s “Economic Bill of Rights”

I am reviving this idea and proposing an Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st century. My policy includes:
The right to a job that pays a living wage.
The right to a voice in the workplace through a union and collective bargaining.
The right to universal quality health care.
The right to a cost-free higher education.
The right to good, affordable housing.
The right to a clean environment and a healthy planet.
The right to a meaningful endowment of resources at birth.
The right to sound banking and financial services.
The right to an equitable and fair justice system.
The right to cultural and civic involvement in democratic life.
These economic policies – these human rights – are broadly popular with most Americans, because most Americans are working-class people who understand the bread-and-butter issues they face. While the media divides working-class people in a manufactured culture war, our campaign unites the working class under an agenda that speaks to their basic needs. Please do everything you can to support the one campaign for the Democratic nomination that represents fundamental economic reform. 
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