Meet the District 3 candidates: ‘Do you support Proposition E? Why or why not?’

by YUJIE ZHOU FEBRUARY 21, 2024, 12:00 PM

District 3, San Francisco, California.

Because Supervisor Aaron Peskin terms out next January, five candidates have filed to run for the seat to lead District 3, which includes North Beach, Chinatown, Union Square, the Financial District, Russian Hill and Nob Hill. 

Between now and the November election, Mission Local will ask each candidate one question per week, and candidates will get 100 words to respond. We will compile all responses to the 40-odd questions on a  “Meet the candidates” page, so that voters can get a full picture of their stances.

Question two: Do you support Proposition E? Why or why not?

A cartoon of D3 supervisorial candidate Moe Jamil.

Moe Jamil

Deputy City Attorney, San Francisco City Attorney’s Office

Yes, I support Prop. E. Public safety is the #1 concern of residents and businesses in San Francisco and protecting our communities is just common sense. In my years of experience working with community organizations, I’ve heard the frustrations of my neighbors and local businesses as our police department struggles to recruit and retain officers to protect our communities. While strong leadership should achieve these goals, I support Prop. E as another pathway to strengthening our public safety departments and putting San Francisco back on track. 

A cartoon of D3 supervisorial candidate Sharon Lai.

Sharon Lai

Economic recovery leader at the World Economic Forumformer board member at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

I’m a strong proponent of giving our police officers the tools and technology they need to keep us safe. However, I’m concerned that passing these reforms as a ballot measure could have unintended consequences and make it extremely difficult to make even small changes at a later date, as it may require a vote by voters again. If Prop. E doesn’t pass, I will make passing a similar enhancement of the availability of sensible technology at the board an urgent priority, instead of legislating through the ballot box.

A cartoon of D3 supervisorial candidate Jconr B. Ortega.

JConr B. Ortega

Self-described formerly homeless, DAD democrat, leatherman, boxer

We at team JConr endorse Prop. E. As someone who regularly attends the San Francisco Police Commission, I am very aware how the commission itself prevents SFPD from doing their job to keep our community safe. I warned the police commission that if they did cease their uncooperative behavior with SFPD, we would see a ballot measure that will circumvent the commission and give SFPD the tools they need in order to go after criminals. Unequivocally, I stand in support of Prop. E and stand with our men and women of the San Francisco Police Department.

A cartoon of D3 supervisorial candidate Danny Sauter.

Danny Sauter

Executive Director, Neighborhood Centers Together

Yes, I am supporting Proposition E. I believe it is a step forward to improve our city’s public safety. 

Prop. E will result in less time spent for officers filling out paperwork at the station and more time spent out in the community, something that makes us all safer. It also allows the police department to use the latest technology to solve and prevent crimes. Finally, it includes new options for community feedback so all future SFPD changes are vetted by community members to ensure they serve our city’s safety.

A cartoon of D3 supervisorial candidate Matthew Susk.

Matthew Susk

Former lead with Divvy Homes

I support Prop. E. I’ll explain the key elements below.

(1) Increased community meetings and (2) eliminating redundant paperwork when body camera footage exists are smart policy updates. They will build trust and save the city millions.

(3) Vehicle pursuits only when a suspect committed a felony or violent crime and (4) surveillance cameras only after holding a community meeting are more nuanced, but I believe that equipping officers with these tools for deterrence will prevent crime before it happens.

I agree with what Mayor Feinstein once said “Safety is the first thing you need to guarantee.”

Candidates are ordered alphabetically. Answers may be lightly edited for formatting, spelling, and grammar. If you have questions for the candidates, please let us know at

Read the rest of the series here. Illustrations for the series by Neil Ballard.

You can register to vote via the website.


Meet the candidates: SF’s District 3 supe race

Meet the candidates: SF’s District 3 supe race

by YUJIE ZHOU FEBRUARY 9, 2024, 5:00 PM


REPORTER. Yujie Zhou is our newest reporter and came on as an intern after graduating from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She is a full-time staff reporter as part of the Report for America program that helps put young journalists in newsrooms. Before falling in love with the Mission, Yujie covered New York City, studied politics through the “street clashes” in Hong Kong, and earned a wine-tasting certificate in two days. She’s proud to be a bilingual journalist. Follow her on Twitter @Yujie_ZZ.More by Yujie Zhou

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