Time to Impeach Day of Action

March 19, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district office
 90 7th Street Suite 2-800 (Meet outside the office)
San Francisco
CA 94103

Speaker Nancy Pelosi office visit — March 19 #TimetoImpeach Day of Action

Start: March 19, 2019  10:00 AM

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s district office 90 7th Street Suite 2-800 (Meet outside the office), San Francisco, CA 94103

Host Contact Info: Olivia Chow, 510-229-8973, olivichow@gmail.com

On March 19th, people around the country are going to their Congressmembers’ local district offices to let them know there’s a growing movement of people who believe it’s #TimeToImpeach Trump.

The only thing that’s powerful enough to stop the Trump Administration is us — the American people. This is far past our political parties and preferences. This is about what’s right and what’s wrong. The Trump administration is leading us towards a dark and hateful future, and we cannot give into that hate.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi wonders if it’s “worth it” to impeach Trump, and Rep Jerry Nadler, the head of the House Judiciary Committee, wants to wait out of concerns that the American public isn’t yet persuaded and impeachment is divisive. We’re here to tell them that we can’t wait. The longer we wait, the more people will be harmed, and the harder it will be to remove the Trump administration. Every single day that Trump is in office he is a danger to us all. Protecting the American people is #WorthIt. Fighting for our democracy is #WorthIt. Protecting our constitutional rights is #WorthIt. Members of Congress fulfilling their oaths of office to defend the Constitution? That’s #WorthIt.

That’s why we’re asking Members of Congress to do their jobs and sign our pledge to defend the American people and the Constitution by voting to impeach Trump — and, as a concrete first step, to co-sponsor and vote for Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s upcoming resolution to authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin impeachment investigations.

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