New Shape Prize 2017

Dear Mike,

The New Shape Prize is in full swing and ready for your entry!  We are encouraged by the enthusiasm of the 10,500+ individuals and teams that have already registered their interest to re-imagine global governance.

With the submission portal now open, you will start to receive bi-weekly emails to keep you up to date on the competition and get support as you complete your proposal.

Here are the steps to submit your proposal:

  1. Log in to your account using the email and password combination to used to register
  2. Start your proposal by clicking “Add entry”
  3. Invite co-authors who will contribute to the proposal, or skip this step if you are the sole author
  4. Upload your entry by including the following five parts:
    • Abstract – 1000 words max.
    • Description of the model – 5500 words max.
    • How the model meets the assessment criteria – 2750 words max.
    • References
    • Attachments – 2 illustrations (optional)

You can read the complete instructions for submitting your proposal here.

In need of inspiration for your entry?

Read the latest interview from Global Challenges Foundation founder László Szombatfalvy. Find out what inspired the prize competition and why effective global cooperation is so needed today.

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